Air crash due to low altitude speed tests?

Let me  remind you of another crash some year ago but let me first assure you that I in no way mean to diminsh the tragedy for the New Zealand families who lost loved ones in the crash of the Air NZ plane in France.

The plane crash I would like to bring to your attention is the crash of the boing 747 which alledgedly crashed into the Pentagon on Septenber 9 2001.

Remember? We were told that a boing 747 crashed into the Pentagon after it had flown in a circle around the Pentagon instead of crashing head first into the Pentagon killing all the head honchos in one faul swoop. Not only did it circle the PEntagon but it also went from 3000 ft to 30 ft in that same circle without slowing down and it flew over hills and destroyed light poles int the process without altering course and without crashing.

And all of these manoeuvres which according to a pilot who actually flew two of those planes and who was an experienced pilot and teacher where impossible with a Boeing 747 where done by a man who couldn’t fly a Cessna if his live depended on it.

But two experienced New Zealand  who deviated only slightly from protocol by trying to do a speed thest with their plane (No 3D manouvring, no steep descents while flying a narrow circle) lost control and teh plane crashed. You see tha is the problem with Boeing 747’s: They don’t handle changes in flying protocol very well, in fact they are designed to be flown very conservatively because they are designed to tansport loads of people and not to do crazy things like flying in buildings with only 10m of space between them and the ground. If you try to deviate just the slightest they crash. Boom, they fall out of the sky.

Speaking to the Herald at the release of the report, Paul-Louis Arslanian, Director of the Bureau d’Enquetes et d’Analyses said his office was recommending that such flights have a pre-agreed programme of tasks, and not include any improvised manoeuvres particularly at lower altitudes.

Referring specifically to the Air New Zealand crash, Arslanian told the Herald. “They had some checks to do, they were unable to do these as the flight was shortened so they made a low speed check during approach. Then they lost control of the plane.

“A test check at low speed was supposed to be done during the flight and well, they decided, or to be more specific, they performed it during the approach which is not only low altitude but also as part of a flight which is linked with specific procedures and heavy work load.”

The plane then reared up a steep 46 degree incline before dramatically plunging into the sea.

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