Sometimes it gets on top of me: the Financial meltdown and assorted Frauds

  1. Marc Faber:”One Day the Price of Gold Will Be Higher than the Dow Jones.”

  2. The looming collapse of European banking or how the European banks would like us to bail them out for 16.5 trillion dollars.
  3. Stanford depositors swarm banks

  4. Who’s behind Madoff? Think Bush and Cheney

  5. Charts: Dow Has Just Days to Avoid Big Drop
  6. Brown targets Switzerland in global tax haven crackdown
  7. Secret EU Document: European bank bail-out could push EU into crisis
  8. European banks’ toxic debts risk overwhelming EU governments
  9. Venezuela seizes Stanford-owned bank
  10. Detroit: City of Hope
  11. 10,000 Americans (that’s 10.000 families every day) Going Into Foreclosure Every Day
  12. European Union Says Cannot Support All of East Europe
  13. Little-known agency that insures pensions of 44 million workers braces for recession fallout
  14. Swiss bank UBS refuses US request for client names

  15. Tax take down $1b on forecast
  16. Stanford found in Virginia
  17. Obama Stimulus Saves Microsoft Billionaire Hundreds Of Millions

And that is justthe tip of the iceberg

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