Did Israel test new weapons in Gaza?

The Palestinian Authority is calling for an international investigation of the weapons used by Israel during its three-week assault on Gaza. There are claims so-called DIME bombs were dropped from drone aircraft. This kind of bomb is designed to produce an intense explosion in a small space.

Mona Al-Ashkar, an 18-year-old Gaza resident, lost her left leg and half her body was paralysed, after she was hit by an Israeli shell.

“I used to dream of going to university and becoming a maths teacher. I wanted to marry and have children. But now only God knows if I can. Which man is going to marry a girl in my situation? How can I marry without a leg? I can’t move. I can’t leave this bed. I don’t know what will happen to me. Please God, please God!” she says.

According to the charity Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP), as many as 500 people in Gaza underwent amputations as a result of the recent conflict.

What distinguishes Mona’s case is the way in which her body was mutilated. Her doctors say her leg looked like it had been “sliced right off with a knife” – an unusual wound they encountered more than once during the offensive.

A cardiac surgeon Dr Eric Fosse, who treated the injured at the Al-Shifa hospital in Gaza for 11 days, has already returned to

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