AF Offers Recall Program for Rated Officers

In the recent years the industrial military complex have come up with a new way of warfare. it is called remote control warfare. It works as follows. An unarmed drone manned remotely via a remote screen and comand centre is flown into “enemy teritory” and the “pilot can operate the drone from the safety of his arm chair in say the states. When the drone arrives at the “hostile location the “pilot” drops his load or shoots his rockets and the drone if not shot down returns home. That means it is save for pilots who otherwise would have to in training and in medically spiffin conditions  to do the job. It saves a lot of money and training and if it goes wrong it’s like those computer games. You just try again. Never mind that on the dronesite of things real people die and real damage is done.

So now they are calling back all the old war horses to expand the strike force of the US air force.This new development means that the US army can send war ships loaded with drones all over the planet and strike at will in any country without any consequences to it’s highly trained personnel and with total power to strike anywhere any time.

You think they would never strike New Zealand if it suited them? Well, they have a law in place that allows them to attack little old Holland at a moments notice just because the international court against war crimes is housed there.

Does this make you at all confortable?

RANDOLPH AIR FORCE BASE, Texas (AFRNS)  — The rapid expansion of unmanned aircraft systems and other emerging missions and rated officer requirements has created an Air Force demand for experienced, rated officers. To meet these critical shortages, the secretary of the Air Force has initiated a Voluntary Retired Rated Recall Program.

Pilots, navigators, and air battle managers who retired as a lieutenant colonel or below, and who are younger than 60, may apply for the program. Officers recalled under this program will be used in myriad positions including intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance, rated staff, and other rated requirements. Officers will be recalled for between 24 and 48 months depending upon the requirement.

Officers recalled will not be eligible to receive aviator continuation pay. Also, by volunteering for recall, officers become eligible for deployment. Retired Regular and retired Reserve officers are eligible to apply, and officers who retired via a Selective Early Retirement Board may also apply. Officers permanently retired for a physical disability are ineligible.

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