Will Muslims be blamed for the Australian Bush fires.

As the sites of the disastrous fires in Australia are treated as crime scenes and Australians are looking for answers rumours are beginning to circle the Blogosphere and for the first time our MSM is prodding victims of these horrific fires to tell us what they would like to see happen if arsonists where to be caught. Even before the first fires where doused we where told that many of them had been started on purpose and PM Rudd equalled the arsonists with mass murders. That is unprecedented and set’s a very dangerous tone in the aftermath of the most terrible bushfires ever recorded in Australia.

The BBC reported that half of the 10.000 to 20.000 fires are deliberate according to a new report and mentions a new “shadowy” enemy within.

Bush fires have happened naturally, through ignorance and carelessness and to be sure through arson. That bush fires happen in February is pretty predictable. It is after all the hottest and driest month of the year but to point at possible arson right from the start is unusual.

However in light of the fact that 5 months before the fires happened a Fairfax owned Internet News outlet called “the Age” announced in a that September 7 2008 article that United States “Intelligence channels”  had identified a “Jihadist” website which called for the destruction of Australia’s forests and cities through bush fires perhaps we should keep an eye on the developments in the news on this subject in the next couple of weeks.

According to this graph released by the Australian Institute of Criminology more than 64 % of all bush fires between January 2002 and 2004  where deliberate.

Origin of bushfires between200 2 and 2004

Origin of bushfires between200 2 and 2004

For a Newspaper article to come out in which the writer states unequivocally that there is intelligence linking Extreme Australian Muslims to Bush fires 5 months before the worst Bush fires ever happen is suspect to say the least and nothing less than spectacular.

If there was such a connection I would presume that the Australian Government would have taken every precaution to prevents such an attack. It seems no such measures were taken.

In fact even the name and the method to be used where mentioned in the same newspaper article. The groups name was the Al-Ikhlas Islamic Network and the method to be used was sulphuric acid and petrol and the idea came from imprisoned Al Qaeda leader Abu Musab Al-Suri.

That is a lot of detailed information. So why did nobody act on this information?

Could it be we are watching another  false flag attack develop?

Let me remind you that the US wants to double the troops in Afghanistan, that Prime Minister Rudd was elected on a program of retreat of the Australian troops in Afghanistan and that a renewed fervour is needed in both Australia and New Zealand to keep us towing the line and stay involved in the Illegal wars of Aggression the US has dragged us into and that Obama was expected to deal with some pretty hairy situations around about now.

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