John Key manhandled at Marae

Hmmm, John Key has some luck I must say. Tame Iti was investigated for more than a year and is out on bail for “Terrorist” charges and he allegedly planned to kill John Key. Remember Oktober 2007 and the over the top police raids in the Uruwera’s?

Yet in mid august 2 months before the raids our Johnny boy goes and visits Tame at an isolated marae with two other Maori’s and the police gives him a written statement that  he will be sweet to do just that. Rumour has it that Johnny wanted to talk business with Tame. Business that would help him get elected. Did Tame refuse and is that why the raids happened? We don’t know but it sure shut Tame up.

After the election National offered the Maori party a couple of ministerial posts and they got suckered in. Their argument? better in then out because when in we have some sort of say in what’s going to happen in the next three years. Bingo, another obstacle to Johnny’s neolib agenda gone. Pita and his fellow party members has been behaving like Nationals puppy dog enjoying the rays of Johnny boy’s fake friendship shine.

Johnny boy has been able to play the benevolent pakeha Ruler while his Cabinet is gutting the very things Maori people need to protect them from the ruthlessness of Pakeha businessmen and implementing laws which will be a heavy burden on the Maori population.
Changing the RMA, fines for truancies, so far no minimum wage rise, propositions to ease the building on Maori land to name a few.

Sure he has said that he would be happy to wave the Maori flag but Te Ata Tino Toa doesn’t have much faith in that ever happening

And now John Key get’s “manhandled”. Visits to maraes by Pakeha politicians has always been an opportunity to express complaints and demonstrate. Hell, Tame Iti shot a gun into the NZ flag once in front of some Pakeha politicians and the Waitangi tribunal at Tauaarau marae.

Never one to miss a chance to show how well he means to the Maori John Key patronisingly told the Nga Puhi that they should be proud at the way they had held this year’s Waitangi celebrations.

And he also told them not to be deterred by a couple of young whipper snapper “Glory seekers” out of step with the rest of New Zealand. What the hell? That’s not what I hear on the ground and clearly that is not what the police thinks either because why else would they have a couple of undercover dorks trying to get in the marae dressed as “tourists”.


About ten minutes before Mr Key’s arrival this morning two undercover police officers were busted by Marae security staff for posing as tourists.

The officers went on to claim they were media, before eventually confessing to their true identities when Mare staff threatened to confiscate a camera being carried by one of the officers.

Prime Minister John Key has said being manhandled by protesters on his way to Te Tii Marae today will not deter him from future visits to Waitangi.

Mr Key was manhandled by two protesters moments before he was due to be welcomed on to the marae this morning.

One protester rushed towards Key yelling ‘the movement is still alive’. The protesters were dragged away by bystanders.

Inspector Chris Scahill said police had taken two men in for questioning.

Further information would be released later this afternoon, he said.

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