Is Europe in pre revolution mode?

“If need be we will stay here until Easter. If need be, our tractors will grow roots,” said one farmer. “We are bankrupt. We’ve got nothing to lose.” (Protesting Greek farmers.)

“It’s not up to workers to pay for the bankers,” read one banner. “The bosses caused the crisis, let them pay for it!” said another, while a third declared: “Hands off our public services!” (French strikers)

While the average Kiwi expects our bankster Prime Minister to bring home the bacon or at least return the economy back to profit instead of pending doom and a farmer friend of mine actually agreed with John Key that it is us the workers who should pay for the banks irresponsible and wilful destruction of our economy instead of the banks themselves, let’s have a look at what’s happening in Europe eh?

The old countries, where we have been the victim of crazy, greedy elites before and where people don’t, unlike like the Kiwi’s, take this shit lying down.

This is what is happening in Greece and no it’s no longer the young unemployed and students. It’s the farmers. They are bankrupted by the collapsing commodity prices and they are pissed. What you reckon? Should we tell them that the prices they are getting for their produce have nothing to do with the value of their goods but everything with the speculation of a few greedy banksters?

And this is happening in France. More than a million people taking to the streets. That spells big trouble for Sarkozy.In France the workers reckon that the Banksters can take care of themselves and that it’s the workers that need protection and we all know what happened the last time the French reckoned that the king and his money men could take care of themselves. It didn’t end well for the king and his financiers. In fact it ended bloody bad for them and there is millions more working French than there are rich people. I would be getting a tad worried if I was a Rothschild living in my castle on the Loire river.

And I didn’t even mention England, Ireland, Spain, Iceland, Germany, the Baltic states, Bulgaria and other countries where people are waking up to the biggest heist in history, perpetrated by the financial elite.

Yep, I reckon the ruling elite of Europe has a little problem and the only country in the Universe where we still believe a bankster, our own “Hawaii” John (thank you for that one the Standard), can save our collective ass is this here our little New Zealand.


“Off with their heads” and “man the barricades” the cries of the famed “sans culottes” rang out and sent shivers down the spines of the doomed Bourbon dynasty way back then. These poor yet determined revolutionary men fighting for a semblance of social justice and disparagingly referred to as “without knee breaches” by the ruling royals and aristocracy seem to reverberate in today’s urban European settings.

220 years after the French revolution, scenes somewhat reminiscent of the almost long forgotten revolts, are again visible on the streets of Paris. They appear to be   pre revolutionary in their scope and political impact. The fall out from all this maybe like a horror film come true for those at the top.

Unions of all sorts have mobilised in protest of what is perceived as anti social  government policy of President Nicolas Sarkozy, or a final assault on what remains of the welfare state, decimated by decades of rampant and reckless ultra liberalism which has since run amok. This has paralyzed the country by widespread strike action. From rail to air, transport has been virtually halted. Public employees and their union members fearing for the security of their jobs and anticipated state imposed reforms in the public sector have made many in French angst ridden.

Is Europe in all out revolt or this a dress rehearsal for the real thing?

On Thursday in Spain, echoing the current social unrest in France, unions have taken the cue from their French counterparts and announced upcoming mass protests to denounce huge lay offs and egregious abuses in the name of personal gain and profit in the world’s banking sector  on both a national and global banking scale. Spain now holds the ignominious title of having the highest unemployment rate (unemployment is over 4 million in 2009 so far) in all of Europe. An unflattering distinction which it had not held since its pre EU membership days.

The country is experiencing massive layoffs in the construction industry, mainly due to an American style bursting of a speculative property bubble, related to over inflated housing prices and unbridled development. The scale of the anticipated protest may not be a big as those in France but social tensions are apparently as high or at the boiling point and about to blow over.
A Greek tragedy in the making

The  upheaval in France and Spain follows weeks of social disturbance in other parts of Europe this month, including the Baltic States, Bulgaria and overall Greece where  very violent protest headed by so called “anarchists” and other “leftist” or what official might refer to as “riff raff” took place. A new wave of protests has begun this week. The violent protests seem to be sparked but decades of neo liberal policies imposed from above coupled by the sudden drastic and devastating socially downturn in many EU member state economics. There are now, news reports coming out of Greece of “arsonists” and “anarchists” attacking foreign car dealerships.

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