Enter the fray and take part in the infowar

Alex Jones

Alex Jones

With Gordon Campbell finally pointing out what was glaringly obvious to all but the most uninformed of Kiwi’s: There is no difference between our MSM and the PR spinners that shape our public opinion, it is perhaps time for you to find out how far we have come from the reality that surrounds us, a reality which will be shaping our lives whether we believe it is real or not.

You see that is the problem with reality; it has a way of barging in on us when we least expect it and whether we are ready for it or not.

Fonterra told it’s members last year, mainly through the MSM, that they were going to have it good for the next ten years while the economic reality had set in unavoidable a year before this was announced in the collapse of the fianacial world and it was pointing a radical 180° the other way. No good times but dismally and radically bad times.

The MSM told us it was time for  change and voila we have John Key and his merry band of reactionary angry white guys with the odd “Pansy” thrown in doing absolutely nothing other that what they’ve always done when in power; Rip of the Maori and plunder the country.

So what is a curious person to do? Well, first of all it pays to be fearless. be a hero and throw off those blinkers and open yourself up to information which after all the soothing, “everything will be alright and growth is our birthright” will sound shrill and angry and above all almost unbelievable.

You will recoil at first because it sounds like the “Conspiracy theory” the big nono our MSM has been trying to sell us. The big “you can not go there” because if you do will call you “Crazy” and a “Conspiracy nut”. In fact it will take quite a while before your revulsion will abate. Let me give you some hints about the fallacies which will be exposed:

Obama will no longer be the great saviour.

We might have been wrong about those devilish Palestinians or all other Muslims for that matter.

In fact we might have been wrong about our entire financial system.

You might find that the reality is the following: Our leaders, our elites are waging a war. They are waging war on us. The mainstream media, owned by only a handful of very rich guys very much connected to the military industrial complex have waged war on us for a very long time.

They have been spinning us a world in which economic growth was forever.

They told us that we ruled the world and we were always right.

They gave us a world in which we were entitled to more and more and more and in which the Paris Hilton’s and her ilk where presented as something to aspire to.

They gave us Football heroes, gansta rap and inanity and news that has no baring on the reality of this planet and on the true nature of our ruling elite.

We are engaged, whether we like it or not, in an information war.
Who are we going to believe: Them or our lying eyes?

It is with this in mind ladies and gentlemen that I give you Prison Planet.

Alex Jones is abrasive, obnoxious and your typical American red neck in a great many ways but he manages to bring together the likes of Ron Paul (Republican Presidential Candidate) Kuchinich (Democratic Presidential Candidate) Cynthia Mc Kinney (Green Party Presidential Candidate) and artists such as Martin Sheen, Willy Nelson, Paris and Economic guru’s such as Gerald Calente, Nobel price winner Stiglitz, G.Edward Griffin and many, many other outspoken Economic professionals and political activists on subjects ranging from the Global Economic collapse, the Federal Reserve and our global central bank system, the pending US police state, the reality of 911 and to tell you the truth they make a hell of lot more sense than the soothing crappola the MSM is spouting.

Make sure to listen to his streaming radio show. It’s free and you might learn something.

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