A little food for thought: Fed Reserve Fails to Reflate the US Banking System

Rumours and I mean Wall street journal rumours, you know amongst people in the know have it that the banks will need be accommodated with anywhere between 1 to 2 trillion dollars more to help them out of their predicament and guess who John Key thinks should be paying those trillions. In one dear people you guessed it. Its you; the real wealth producers, the workers, the farmers, the suckers in other words. This is what he said in his maiden speech at the APEC meeting:

So now the party is over and the taxpayers of the world are left to underwrite – in one form or another – the liabilities and obligations of banks and, by extension, their hedge-fund clientele.

And while you are pondering the voters who where stupid enough to vote John key the slippery in and the fact that our bankster Prime minister thinks it’s perfectly OK to have us pay for his and his fellow banking mates excesses while he sits on a cool $ 50 million why don’t you watch this little video just to give it all some perspective.

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