Govt rejects calls to alter internet law

Ok one more. This means that only the ones the ruling elite deems damaging will be closed down. There is no independent body who will investigate complaints. And if you think that those telecom and other ISP who now do their bit complaining are not complicit think again. They are happily complicit in the spying on citizens crap in the US and that means everywhere so be prepared to find sites such as this shut down very fast. We’re all on the list as it where.

Calls to repeal a law that could mean Kiwi internet users have their connections cut if they are accused of breaching copyright have been knocked back by the Government.

The new “guilt by accusation” law would result in internet service providers (ISPs) being forced to take on the role of gatekeeper by blocking online access to anyone accused of flouting copyright laws and illegally downloading films and music.

Telecom, Vodafone and TelstraClear have spoken out against the law, joining calls by Internet NZ for the Government to repeal section 92A of the Copyright Act, due to come in on February 28.

The law says ISPs must disconnect internet service to anyone “repeatedly accused” of accessing copyrighted material online.

Communications and Information Technology Minister Steven Joyce acknowledged concerns about the law’s implementation, but stopped short of saying it would be reviewed.

“We will keep a close eye on how the new law works in practice. We are prepared to look at further changes if they prove necessary.”

Internet NZ executive director Keith Davidson said ISPs would play the role of “judge, jury and executioner”, and the law would negate the assumption that users were innocent until proven guilty.

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