Kiwis used as nuclear guinea pigs, court hears

Our leaders would never hurt us deliberately, ever. They are doing everything they can to protect us from the big bad world, never start a war with a false flag attack and they would never ever use their population as guinea pigs to find out how they can kill and maim and slaughter other countries inhabitants.

Oh Ooops!

Britain deliberately misled Australia about the effects of its nuclear tests at Maralinga and poisoned hundreds of New Zealand, British Australian and Fijian servicemen with its atomic blasts, London’s High Court has heard.

The claims were made on the first day of a long-awaited legal battle by more than 800 veterans who are demanding millions of dollars in compensation from Britain’s Ministry of Defence (MoD).

The veterans from Britain, New Zealand and Fiji claim they were used as guinea pigs by the British government so it could study the effects of radiation fallout from the tests in Australia and the South Pacific between 1952 and 1958.

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