Depopulation, Destruction and Displacement of the Palestinian People

For Palestinians, the Nakba “Catastrophe” is their “Holocaust” six-month slaughter and displacement before and after the May 1948 establishment of Israel. In December 1947, Jews in Palestine numbered 600,000 compared to 1.3 million Palestinians. David Ben-Gurion ordered them removed and for “Every attack….to end with occupation, destruction and expulsion.” He meant depopulation, destruction, mass slaughter, displacement, and erasing a proud people’s history. Palestine was to become Israel. Most of the job was completed, more in 1967, and thereafter incrementally until total dispossession is achieved. Gaza is the latest battleground. More ahead is planned. The struggle for liberation continues. In all respects, Gaza’s situation is dysfunctional and calamitous. Consider the dire medical state alone. The UK Lancet Medical Journal on Gaza The prestigious Lancet issued the following statement: “We find it hard to believe that an otherwise internationally respected, democratic nation can sanction such large and indiscriminate human atrocities in a territory already under land and sea blockade. The heavy loss of civilian life and destruction of Gaza’s health system is unjustified and disproportional….The collective punishment of Gazans is placing horrific and immediate burdens of injury and trauma on innocent civilians.” These acts are lawless, and we deplore “the silence of national medical associations and professional bodies worldwide….Their leaders….are complicit in a preventable tragedy” with potential long lasting consequences. The Lancet followed with a lengthy overall assessment. In an introductory overview, it deplores conditions on the ground. — violence directed at civilians; — the unjustifiable toll; — the deaths, injuries and social infrastructure destruction; — the breach of “international norms of humanitarian behaviour;” — ambulances attacked; — medical personnel killed; — hospitals short or depleted of everything – power, equipment, medicines, anesthetics, beds, and overworked staffs pulling round the clock shifts; — vaccination programs, lab services, pre and postnatal care, and school health services disrupted; — severe restrictions on ICRC personnel; and much more; in short, a calamitous situation bring all normal life to a halt. Despite banning foreign journalists, carnage reports are heard, read, and seen worldwide. Justifiable outrage followed and grows. Testimonies on the ground are heart-rending. Fear grips everyone. People have nowhere to go. The indifference of influential politicians is reflected in Tony Blair’s failure once to visit Gaza since his 2007 appointment as the (US, UN, EU, Russia) Quartet special envoy – one for war, not peace, for Israel, not Palestine, for injustice, not liberation.

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