Hill of Shame where Gaza bombing is spectator sport

I would call these gouls Orthodox Zionist Jews in reverence to the Orthodox anti Zionist Jews of groups such as Narturai kartaJews against Zionism, Aotearoa Jews for Justice, and the many, many other Jewish groups who in their shared humanity with us stand appalled and tall against the Criminal Genocide commited by Israel.
Orthodox Jews on Parash Hill watch F16 aircraft streak across the sky

In times of peace Parash Hill is a beauty spot where Israelis from the nearby town of Sderot come to picnic and enjoy the magnificent view across a nature reserve and bright green fields to distant Gaza City and, beyond, the deep blue Mediterranean.

There are benches for sightseers, a swing, a sculpture of a man on horseback and fences to stop children tumbling down the steep northern slope.

Today the hill attracts a very different sort of visitor — the ghoulish and vengeful, the curious and anguished, not to mention television crews. They come not to enjoy the flowers or birdsong, but for a spectacular panoramic view of Israel’s relentless bombardment of the Gaza Strip. It is, for those that like that sort of thing, the ultimate spectator sport.

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2 thoughts on “Hill of Shame where Gaza bombing is spectator sport

  1. None of the members of Aotearoa Jews For Justice are Orthodox – most of us are atheists.

    And I wouldn’t praise Neturai Karta or Jews Against Zionism – both groups are happy for all Palestinians to die, they just don’t think it should happen until the messiah arrives. Not to mention their horrific sexism, homophobia etc etc.

    There’s no shortage of secular, left-wing anti-Zionist Jews – there’s no reason to praise religious fanatics.

    • Hi Asher,

      Thank you for the information. I don’t know anybody who is a member of Aotearoa Jews for Justice and would not presume to know anything about their religious believes. As for Neturei Karta or Jews against Zionism I don’t get than impression from their press releases. I am perfectly aware of their sexism and I’m sure that as with most extreme religious groups that they will have their extreme prejudices but if I excluded groups on those grounds I’d be left with precious few examples. By all means introduce me to some leftwing and robustly anti-Zionist Jewish groups and I’ll be happy to give them centre stage.

      Kind regards.


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