Third day of Israeli attacks deepens anger of Arab masses

Tell me again, how is a university capable terrorism?

The Israeli Air Force has waged its third day of bombing against Gaza, hitting the interior ministry and Islamic University. Also hit was a house near the abandoned home of a senior Hamas leader in the southern town of Rafah.

Israel has massed thousands of troops along the Gaza border and has declared the area a “closed military zone.” Over 6,500 reservists have been called up. Israeli Defence Minister Ehud Barak on Monday said Israel was engaged in a “war to the bitter end” against Hamas. Speaking to a special session of the Israeli parliament, Barak said the current assault would continue and even intensify.

Hamas officials say that over 300 Palestinians have been killed and more than 1,400 others wounded. The UN relief agency in Gaza says 62 civilians have been killed by Israeli fire so far, with five girls dying in Jabaliya refugee camp after Israel bombed a mosque near their home.

Khaled Meshaal, the political leader of Hamas, called on Palestinians to wage a new intifada against Israel, including a revival of suicide missions. Hamas has not carried out a suicide attack on Israel since January 2005.

The BBC cited a Palestinian doctor in Gaza as saying that nearly all the casualties he saw overnight and on Monday were civilians. reported Monday that the Shifa Hospital morgue in Gaza City was overflowing with the bodies of Palestinians killed in the Israeli air attacks. The article noted: “The refrigerated compartments at Shifa Hospital’s morgue in Gaza City were filled three bodies to a drawer.

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