John Key on the top list of political earners

So here we are on the eve of what is possibly the wors eceonomic depression of all times. The return to the dark ages and the destruction of the entire global economy brought to you by the banksters.

And then this appears in the NZ Herald: New Zealand John Key $325,000.

For those of you who have not read the article I’m alluding to this is John Key’s annual income as our Prime Minister. (Yes I know he “gives” it all to charity but stay with me OK)

Remember this is the party who tells us that wages in New Zealand are lower then Australia’s and that we have to work harder and longer in order to get up there with the Aussies.

Well it turns out that Rudd only earns $ 330,000 but he is the prime minister of a much richer and much bigger country and Putin earns only a meazly $ 120.000 and trust me it is very expensive to live in Moskow.

It also turns ou that Cheney only earns (not counting his massive war profits) only $ 310,000, Bush earns
$ 597,000, Harper $ 340,000 and Merkel $ 475,000 but all of these countries are much bigger, more populated and far far richer as New Zealand with it’s population of only 4.3 million people.

Whatever we may earn it seems to me that John Key is getting a huge salary compared with other Western Prime ministers and Presidents.

So tell me why is is that only 4.3 million people have to cough up $ 325.000 in wages for a guy worth $ 50,000,000 of his own while we will face the worst recession this world has ever seen caused by the selfsame man and his bankster frauds?

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