Footage of bombings required

I write this post with a heavy heart. I am worried. The IAF or Israeli armed forces get their ammunition from the USA. The IAF is known to use DU ammunition. They use cluster bombs made out of DU and are their bombs and that worries me a lot.

In my communications with a wonderful DU activist former Chemical clean up specialist of the USA army and now dying amongst others of DU contamination Doug Rokke and an al round good bloke he told me that it was more than likely that the IAF had used DU bombs on the Gaza strip in which 1.5 million people live in one of the most densely populated area’s of this planet.

If this is true than 1.5 million people are living on borrowed time and their offspring is doomed.

Doug told me that it is important to study the footage in order to determine what the 1.5 million Palestinians have been exposed too. So with this post I request that anyone reading this blog and in possession of footage of the actual bombardment come forward and contact me.

I will be able to get it to Doug Rokke and if he can determine that the IAF against the rules set by the UN has used DU weapons they are guilty of the most horrific of crimes. The wilful Genocide of an entire population for 4.5 billion years.

We can not let this stand. Please help me get footage of the actual bombing of the Gaza strip. Let’s do this for our suffering human brothers and sisters in Palestine.

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