Time For Autoworkers to Fightback

While the world fumes over the Criminal attack of Israel on the Gaza strip with some 1.5 million people locked in without any chance to fight back or survive after months of “economic sanctions(read  starvation and poverty) it is important to remember that in the US and the rest of the Western world the Bankers are imploding the Global economy. One thing they don’t need is Unions.

Organized labor in the U.S. is at a very serious crossroads — and with it the working class as a whole. On the one hand, union organizing is on the rise for the first time in decades, with the possibility of exploding if — and it is a big IF — the Democrats carry out their promise of passing the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA). Another positive is the United Electrical Workers (UE) workers victory in Chicago, who single-handedly re-taught U.S. labor the word “militancy.”

On the other hand, however, there are very serious threats. The deepening recession is causing unemployment to skyrocket: supply on the labor market will force down already low wages everywhere.

Also, state workers in California are under attack, made to be the scapegoats for the state budget deficit — a trend that will likely spread to many other states facing similar budget crises.

The corporate media is playing a consistent anti-union drumbeat, blaming union workers for state budget deficits and the ruin of U.S. auto companies.

Now, the federal government is working in tandem with the owners of the Big Three to extort the United Auto Workers (UAW), making the $17.4 billion bailout conditional on destroying workers’ wages and benefits.

This strategy is familiar to many union workers: a threat of a bankruptcy is used at the bargaining table like a gun to the head.

The workers are made to feel powerless since, if they want to keep their jobs, they must accept the companies’ — and now the government’s — demands.

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