Iranian Jews slam Israel over Gaza

For those of you who think they have to because of Ahmadi Najad the following information.
Israel has been trying to get the Iranian Jews to come to Israel forever. Israel even tried to pay them huge amounts of money to come over to Israel. Iranian Jews are free to travel to Israel and back, they have a cordial relationship with Ahmadi Najad and the president even donates to the Tehran Jewish hospital. Not exactly the kind of think Hitler would have done wouldn’t you agree.

I guess that Iranian Jews know something the West doesn’t. I’m not surprised with our corporately owned Main stream Press.

Iranian Jews express their solidarity with the Palestinians and the victims of the tragic incidents of Gaza. Iranian Jews Society has condemned Israeli attacks on Palestinians in Gaza which have so far killed over 281 people in two consecutive days.

The Israelis showed that they do not abide by any civil and human laws, the society said in a statement released on Sunday.

Meaningful silence of the international community towards Israel’s atrocities shows that there is an urgent need for a new plan for fighting against oppression and retrieving the rights of the oppressed people, the statement added.

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One thought on “Iranian Jews slam Israel over Gaza

  1. Not too long ago, I saw a documentary on Iranian Jews. Yes, there are difficulties, and Iran may be vehemently against Zionism. But I also saw Jews living in peace with their Muslim neighbors, young Jews who loved their life in Iran, and Jewish rabbis and other clergy enjoying their religious life in the Islamic Republic. Not exactly the impressions one would get by watching the “mainstream” newsmedia.

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