Australia: Growing opposition to Labor’s Internet censorship

But we’re only doing this to protect your kids against big bad paedophiles!
Yeah right.

More than 2,000 opponents of the federal Labor government’s plans to censor the Internet rallied in cities across Australia on December 13—the second national protest in the past two months. The demonstrations, which were convened by the Digital Liberty Coalition (DLC), are another indication of the growing concern of industry technicians, scientists and a broad range of ordinary people over the government’s attempts to control and regulate Internet access in Australia.

Labor Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and his Minister for Broadband and Communications Stephen Conroy claim that two-tier Internet filtering measures announced last year will protect children from pornography and X-rated violence.

The measures, however, have little to do with protecting children but constitute a direct attack of freedom of expression and other basic democratic rights. Its real purpose is to establish the framework for government censorship of Internet sites.

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One thought on “Australia: Growing opposition to Labor’s Internet censorship

  1. I have published a post that shows the complete absurdity of the Clean Feed rules.

    It would have the site from which I sourced the link BANNED – go and have a look, have a laugh and then get every Australian you know to tell Federal Members of Parliament that Australians do not want censorship that would put us amongst the top 10 most censored countries in the world – including Korea and Iran.

    But, if we get “clean feed” here is Australia, I would not even get to ask you to look at these photographs, because the site would be BANNED. Now that is censorship!

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