The Palestinian story: Remember us

Why is nobody outraged when Israel attacks millions of people locked up in concentration camp the size of a small strip of land? Unable to flee, unable to fight back and unable to get to food and fuel and medical supplies for months. It is outrageous, criminal and absolutely hideous that we the international community lets this pass unchallenged or in the case of the US actually applauds the Genocidal attack on the Palestinians. Oh and that includes Obama for those of you who actually believe that Obama is going to make a change.


When the passage of time finally brings the men of many lands to the tables of judgment, politicians from countries that have emboldened Israel with their silence will gaze into the eyes of delegations from around the world only to see the same eyes gazing back. Remember us for we may not be at that table.

There are reasons for this.

We were once free to roam the lands of our fathers, to feel happiness and to be able to cry when in despair. From the Mediterranean Sea to the Jordan River was our realm, but how were we to know what they intended to do to our nation.

They provoked wars and committed the most terrible of sins against the Jewish population, but when it was time to compensate, they put the burden of their own wrongdoings on our shoulders. One nation solemnly promised to a second nation the country of a third.

Everyone had a say, the then president of the United States Thomas Woodrow Wilson, the leaders of the Zionist movement and the representatives of Anglo-Jewry opposed to Zionism. There was no need to canvass Arab opinion.

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