Open letter to Eugene Bingham or would you have voted for John Key if you had known.

If you find this informative may I suggest you send the link to your John Key voting palls!!!

Eugene Bingham is a journalist for the New Zealand Herald and he has been the writer of most of the articles about John Key and has repeatedly interviewed him. He wrote amongst others the Unauthorised biography which appeared in the 19 July 2008 New Zealand Herald edition and is well worth reading.

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“You have sold your soul to the Devil and wrote the article as a PR stunt for the man who is now our Prime Minister but who is in fact one of the Arsonists of the perfect firestorm about to hit this poor small Nation.” Evelyn Gilbert


Dear Eugene,

I have been thinking about writing this open letter to you for a while and today I felt was the right moment to tell you what I think about you and the way you have helped John Key get elected.

I will not beat around the bush. I’m not build that way, so here goes.

You are an insult to what was once a noble and very necessary profession in order to take our politicians to task if found wanting (thanks to the internet people like me can do our own research and we are no longer depending on frauds like you for our information).

You are either incredibly bad at your job because it appears that either you did not double check John Key’s story, something every self respecting journalist should do, or you have slipped over to the dark side and you willingly lied and allowed John Key to lie to your readers.

Either way you ought to be ashamed of yourself and resign today.

Why, you ask, is this blogger so crass in her accusations?

We have a government in which John Key is the Prime Minister. He has been elected based on information available and let’s not forget the much hyped need for “Change”.

In a functioning Democracy the press as the fourth estate is responsible for making sure that all the relevant information is available for the public to be able to vote in their best interest.

In the run up to an important election it is of the utmost importance that the public knows all about their politicians there is to know and if it means that a politician is not voted in because it turns out that said politician is a liar or a criminal than so be it.

In a time such as this when the entire global economy is crashing because of Wall street manipulations it is of the utmost importance to know everything there is to know of the most important opposition leader especially if that politician has made his money through parasitical speculation in the international finance world. That same world which is now collapsing due to it’s own irresponsible financial speculations.

Eugene, you failed to do that job so spectacularly and in doing so you helped put in power a man who has no business governing us in these times and the future will tell that you were instrumental in keeping information away from us that would have surely changed the out come of this election.

Let me give you but three examples of your failure to supply us with real information.

  1. The true relationship John Key had with Andrew Krieger and the attack on the NZ dollar in late 1987.
  2. The role John Key had in the Asian Crisis, the Russian collapse and the collapse of the LTCM hedgefund.
  3. The role John Key had in the Subprime trade and the real timeline of the Subprime crisis and the subsequent collapse of the global economy.

1. The true relationship John Key had with Andrew Krieger and the attack on the NZ dollar in late 1987.

You have in multiple articles told us that John Key only went to work with Andrew Krieger after Andrew Krieger in 1988. In fact you even give a specific date in this article. In it you state that John Key starts to work for the Bankers Trust on 29 August 1988. If this is true than John Key could not have worked with Andrew Krieger. Not for the bankers trust or any other bank. Because Andrew Krieger left Forex on 30 June 1988 and did not return to that trade until September 1990.

How do I know? Because Eugene, I did what you should have done.

I googled the name Andrew Krieger and Bankers Trust and found 3, that is three, (here, here and here) articles in the New York Times online archive (Especially put on line for journalists like you Eugene) written by three different journalists at three different times and each of those articles Chronicles Andrew Krieger’s career at that very crucial time. It turns out that Andrew Krieger (who because of his spectacular attack on the NZ dollar was a bit of a Wall street celeb) left the Bankers Trust in as early as December 1987 but no later than February 1988. He then went to work for George Soros as a senior manager from sometime March or April and left that position in June 1988. An interview with him in September 1990 reveals that he didn’t trade in the Foreign Exchange business beyond some very limited trading conducted solely for himself.

Other than that, the trade that made Andrew Krieger famous was conducted in mere hours only seven days after Black Monday (while New Zealand was still reeling from the worst crash in recent history) and if John Key was the sole manager of the hundreds of millions of dollars he traded in for Andrew Krieger as you state in your 19 July “Unauthorised” biography, it can only have been during that famous attack.

Eugene, if  John Key traded with Andrew Krieger during what was the first speculative attack on a currency ever and which was followed by several world crisis provoking super attacks in which John Key partook don’t you think it would have been essential for us to know?

If John Key willingly engaged in behaviour that risked his country’s economy and  he is prepared to lie or let you lie about it 20 years after the event I thought it would have been paramount that you let the public know especially in an “Unauthorised” biography. It sets after all a precedent. If he was prepared to collapse his own countries currency in a speculative raid than he would have no qualms about doing it to other countries either.

2. The role John Key had in the Asian Crisis, the Russian collapse and the collapse of the LTCM hedgefund.

Totally lacking in your “Unauthorised” biography is one of the most important periods in recent banking history other than the mere mention of how John Key came through the Asian crisis relatively unscathed and how John Key had to fire hundreds of colleagues earning him the nickname “the Smiling Assassin”.

Whether that is because John Key just fluttered over it while he spoke to you or you choose not to go into the subject it is never the less another gross dereliction of duty on you part.

The Asian crisis 1997 and the collapse of the Russian currency in 1998 were closely connected.
They were both the result of the actions of several hedgefunds. One of them being George Soros’s hedgefund and the other the Long Term Credit Management hedge fund also known as LTCM.

This hedgefund collapsed so spectacularly as a result of speculative Forex and derivatives trading it had to be bailed out by the Federal Reserve of New York in order to protect the entire global system from collapsing. John Key may or may not have been involved in the trading that lead to the collapse of the fund but you picture him as firing hundreds of his colleagues at Merrill Lynch, earning him the endearing nickname of the “Smiling Assassin” but the only time Merrill Lynch was forced to fire that many people was in the aftermath of the LTCM scandal putting John Key right in the middle of yet another major Forex scandal. In fact in 1999 John Key is introduced as the managing director of Debt in 1999 in this article.

How do I know? Because unlike you I did the research and a couple of simple google searches wielded al this information. So once again Eugene you either are bad at your job or you and John Key willingly lied to us, the punters.

3. The role John Key had in the Subprime trade and the real timeline of the Subprime crisis and the subsequent collapse of the global economy.

In what is perhaps either the most blatant show of ignorance on your part or perhaps the most blatant lie you state unequivocally in your “Unauthorised” biography  that the subprime products were only hatched in 2004 and 2005.

That is outrageous.  In fact it’s so outrageous that for this remark alone you should resign.

Why is this outrageous? Because it is common knowledge that house prices started to rise in the late nineties.
Not just in the US but around the world, including New Zealand.

This rise had nothing to do with higher wages, more prosperity or more production. In fact jobs in the entire Western world had been disappearing for years  to China, wages were either stagnant or falling and more and more people had to take on debt to make ends meet.

That alone is a sign of bubble building.

But once again if you had taken the trouble Eugene to google subprime timeline you would have found this interesting Subprime timeline (just one of many) and this little graph telling you that as early as the beginning of 1998 the subprime markets exploded from less than 1% market share to a whopping 14%.

The real subprime timeline

The real subprime timeline

The years 2004 and 2005 was merely the time the bubble started to show it’s first cracks.

And if you had done your job and you would have spend another 5 minutes googling you would have found this graph as well.

A beautiful model for fraud

A beautiful model for fraud

And to top it off you would have found what enabled the subprime crisis and why it will inevitably collapse our economy together with the entire world’s economy, thanks to scumbags like John Key and his ilk aided and abetted by people like you.

What enabled the subprime crisis were three factors

  1. Easy CreditProvided by the Federal Reserve bank of New York and the City of London.
  2. The order given by the US Congress to Fanny mae and Freddy mac to give mortgages to every Tom, Dick and Harry and their dog. Yep, the US congress actually started the subprime mortgage selling. I suggest you read the timeline I linked to above.
  3. The repeal of the Glass Steagall act, unofficially in 1997 and officially in November 1999.This act put in place in 1933 to prevent Commercial banks from merging with investment banks to stop them from acting like the right side of the second graph had been promoted by Alan Greenspan since 1987 and had cost the Wall street investment bankers between $ 100 to $ 200 million dollars.It would have been inconceivable for John Key not to have known about the 1997 beginning of the subprime housing bubble build up because the repeal of this law was literally like giving the fox the key to the hen house and was greatly anticipated by every single Wall street/ City of London banker because it would strip every single bit of regulation away.In fact it was signed the same month John Key was invited to become one of only four advisors to the Federal Reserve bank of New York.  He represented Merrill Lynch. The others represented Citibank, Lehman Brothers and UBSWahrburg.  All those banks are either gone or in the process of going as a result of the subprime crisis.

These three items alone are enough to expose John Key as at least a liar and as the financial collapse progresses he will perhaps even be called a criminal as the mechanisms of the crisis will be exposed for what they are; The wilful manipulation of the money market by a small group of private banksters.

I said I would only take three issues on which you have been either ignorant or wilfully dishonest and I have shown comprehensively that you could have given us all the relevant information but you didn’t.

I could have added to that the derivative trade which has been building up another bubble about to collapse and in which John Key was a Key operator for Merrill Lynch or the collapse of the Bankers trust bank as a result of fraudulent Derivative trading or the fact that Andrew Krieger traded not in actual currency but in a Derivative called “options” connecting John Key to the Forex derivatives trade in as early as 1987. In fact in 2006 the Chinese government suspended the Forex Derivatives trade on the grounds that it was way to dangerous. The list is simply too long but rest assured Eugene, the information you refused us is out there and available to us.

In ending this open letter to you Eugene, I have to conclude that either you are staggeringly ignorant and therefore undeserving of your job as a journalist for a major newspaper in such a position to be tasked to investigate and write an “Unauthorised” (let’s face it there was nothing Unauthorised about the whole stinking article) biography of the man poised to become the next Prime Minister or you have sold your soul to the Devil and wrote the article as a PR stunt for the man who is now our Prime Minister but who is in fact one of the Arsonists of the perfect firestorm about to hit this poor small Nation. Either way the only honourable thing to do is to resign.

If you sold your soul to the Devil I hope he paid you handsomely because you are going to need every cent in the next 10 years as you find that less and less people can buy the rag you call home.

Evelyn Gilbert

54 thoughts on “Open letter to Eugene Bingham or would you have voted for John Key if you had known.

  1. I come from NZ and have been aware of this before national were voted back in to power people need to be aware of who they are voting for and stop being sheep in this country thanks for making this public

  2. apologies – my recent comment was erroneous .

    I thought incorrectly that the DELETION had been from the OPEN LETTER TO EUGENE BINGHAM , whereas in fact it had been from the UNAUTHORISED BIOGRAPHY OF J KEY by NZHerald journalist Eugene Bingham – the nz media had apparently deleted all of Key’s banking history mentioned by Bingham in this bio.

  3. Travellerev (No real names unless given permission) stated in the 2011 radio interview on VIEASTWOOD show that online pages with PERTINENT REFERENCES were deleted by NZ media -WER THEY REINSTATED then ‘cos I was able to access the ‘OPEN LETTER TO EUGENE BINGHAM etc ‘no probleM?

  4. Hi, you should contact Alex Jones at and also notify him of the dotcom affair and include cambell lives latest interview with john key regarding dotcom—-I am sure Alex Jones could do a nice little investigation!

    • I think AJ has enough on his plate with regards to his own country being hurdled into fascism but feel free to send him links to this blog

  5. Sadly for your argument, this has to be one of the worst examples of grammatically atrocious articles I think I have ever read. You really must take it down and copy check your writing – it’s an indictment.
    You wonder why you’ve not received replies? Look at the number of grammatical and spelling errors and you may find your answer.
    I totally agree with where you are coming from, but you make it very hard to take your article seriously. I would love to see this article re-posted – minus so many stupid mistakes – so much hard work and passion diminished by lousy writing skills. Please fix the errors. Apart from that – well done.

    • ROFL! By the time you speak and write Dutch the way I write your language you can comment here again!

    • How many languages have you mastered Wayne ?

      Post an edited version if you like . The facts get through ,as they say “I would rather the ugly truth than the beautiful lie.”

      • I’m sure Wayne speaks, French, German a little Spanish, Italian and Moroccan Arab and can count to ten in Croatian and say hello and goodbye in a dozen others. Mmmm, maybe not but being a Kiwi I reckon he knows both English and te Reo seeing as it is considered a polite thing to be able to communicate with all your fellow countrymen. Oh maybe he even speaks some Mandarin. Ni hao, Wayne and welcome. ROFL.

    • “You wonder why you’ve not received replies? Look at the number of grammatical and spelling errors and you may find your answer.”

      You have got to be pulling our legs…

      Are you for real, Wayne?!

      Excellent piece, Travellerev.

      • Frank,

        Thank you for acknowledging the content, coming from you that really means a lot.

        I wrote the piece in December 2008 and English is my second language so I’m sure there are many things I would formulate differently now.

        But it always strikes me as childish or worse shill behaviour to dismiss the content because of the grammar.

        It is clear and provable that John Key has been involved and still is with his silence around the LIBOR scam, complicit in some of the more serious cases of fraud and crime of our banking elite.

  6. Excellant work to expose this corruption. I will be spreading it as much as possible and hopefully NZ`ers will wake up and rebel by sending him and his criminal mates out of NZ.

  7. Great stuff thanks for the huge effort you put in to protect us from this blood sucking parasite.Have you ever thought of sending it to dear ole Winston and the Greens,or perhaps with the current friction in Christchurch at the moment to the organizers of the current council protests? I’ve heard today there’s a rumour going around that Labour are behind it.I don’t know if there’s any truth to this rumour,but I’m sure with the current state of discontent down here,your story would touch a cord with many.Trademe community board might be a go to,to get the word out.Thank you.

    • Great suggestions. I think I will actually. I do the trademe thing but It might be a good idea to send it to groups like grey power and since I actually voted for Winston (Not that I agree with him on many things but I liked the idea of a obnoxious fighter who really wants to keep NZ, NZ) I might as well provide him with ammunition.

      I tried the mainstream media but like Eugene Bingham they kept schtum. LOL.

  8. Great stuff, Travellereve !

    So how do we take it to the next step? A petition? Facebook page? Both?

    And, is that your real name or a nickname?

    Also, do you have any info on the NZH reporter that was married to a lawyer appearing before Supreme Court justice Wilson and wrote the articles about that case?

    • Interesting! No this my internet handle. What would you like to do? I did start a page called would you have voted for John Key if you had known but my time is mostly soaked up by this blog. I would be happy to give more publicity to the Eugene letter as it is appalling journalism.

  9. Hi there, You have performed an excellent job. I will certainly digg it and individually suggest to my friends. I am confident they will be benefited from this web site.

  10. Anyone remember The Dogs of War, (1974) a novel by Frederick Forsyth? It was about the takeover of a fictional African country (Zangaro) in order to (mis) appropriate the country’s wealth of platinum deposits, thitherto undiscovered.

    The villain, one Sir James Manson, has all the money he’ll ever need. But that doesn’t stop him wanting more. Not when he sees a vast amount of money – potentially billions – there for the taking. He has the resources and the methods and he makes full use of both, including his understanding of the realities of business and politics. Sir James knows well ‘there is only one commandment, the eleventh, “Thou shall not be found out.” ’

    He’s aware there is a mountain of wealth waiting to be taken from/in Zangaro. He carefully plans a mercenaries’ coup to put into power his own puppet head of state, favourably disposed to give Sir James all the mining rights he wants. The coup fails, but, early on in the novel, Sir James reflects: “Knocking off a bank or an armoured truck is merely crude. Knocking off an entire republic has, I feel, a certain style.”

    Sound like Shonkey? But is Shonkey the reincarnation of Sir James’ hired mercenary, or Sir James, himself?

    • Shonkey was JUST a mercenary ,if Shonkey quit his job Andrew Krieger would have dealt with someone else ! That being said he seems to have been a enthusiastic mercenary for hire.
      Shonkey lacks “I feel, a certain style.”.
      The Wizard of Oz is a more apt comparison to the machinations of todays world …from the bullshit starting with the 911 deception including but not limited to the Bali Bombing ,the 7/7 Tube Bombings etc. two wars of choice engaged in by the “coalition of the sycophants” for a longer period than WW1 and WW2 placed end to end.
      From the” birth place of capitalism” “bailouts” WTF socialism much?
      With the “financial experts” that allowed the global collapse jockeying for positions telling us what “we” need to do fix it !
      If you take the time to see whats happening you hear of things like two weeks ago Germany realized they just found 120 billion fricken Euro they thought was gone ! WTF how does that much money fall behind a couch cushion ?
      To hear Obama admit Netanyahu is a liar ,to the rhetoric towards Iran now /again/still !
      Or Wespac’s profits up 41% or ANZ up 25% this year .
      Or the Key Government borrowing $40 billion in the current term and you have to dig the information up for yourself (with the help of people like Ev).
      This is a “watershed” time in history ,cathartic if we are lucky or just another power grab by the 1% if we are not . People just need to look behind the curtain and change will follow.

  11. i’M INCREDIBLY THANKful to you for your letter.. and to the person (ben) who posted it here.. always knew that there was no ethical way for john key to go from nothing, to the something like 63 richest nzer.. now here is the proof.. I stop short of calling his actions illegal, however they are obviously highly unethical. He wants to be our pm again so he can suck the rest of this country dry before he starts else where…

  12. The problem it that too many people are not interested in the truth, they like to believe that everything what is in the media is true.

    Even this side will only be visited from people who want to know the background of politics.

    How can this knowledge be more widespread, otherwise it is only circulated between the “converted” ? So we can confirm our beliefs but the “others” are still in front of the TV … and are believing everything!

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  14. If you had the opportunity ,do you think you would have evidence enough to show categorical that John Key “handled” the transactions for Andrew Krieger that caused the “crash” in 1987 ?

    Needless to say it would have been obvious to Key that what Andrew Krieger was doing and what the blowback would be for New Zealanders .

    • Hi Mick,

      First of all. The crash happened on Monday which is why it was called Black Monday. It was also the result of trading but it was not caused by John Key or Andrew Krieger. What they did do was manipulate the value of the entire money supply of New Zealand causing fluctuations in the market almost collapsing the New Zealand dollar and making of like thieves in the night with a profit for their banks of some $ 300 Million dollars in one afternoon leaving many regular investors out of pocket by forcing them to sell as the value was brought down so much. It was fraudulent and corrupt and it was the starting point of the entire Derivatives scam now collapsing.

      If I had the opportunity I would challenge John Key to answer my questions and I would bring all my research and I would be totally confident I could proof that he was the one doing the deals on this side of the ocean. Not a shred of doubt in my mind.

      Here is a link to a book called “Infectious Greed” by Frank Partnoy identifying Krieger as patient Zero for the wave of greed now swallowing us.

      I found three independent journalists in the Times Archives with amongst others Andrew Krieger telling about his history and when he traded or not. John Key has told us in at least two interviews ( in my possession) that he traded with Andrew Krieger and was appointed the sole trader responsible for Andrew Krieger’s transactions which were in the millions (This only happened once in the entire history of Bankers trust) and since John Key admits to having performed these trades and lies about when he did them as Andrew Krieger was no longer a trader in August 1988 I think it’s save to assume that John Key was the one doing the trading here on this side and Andrew Was doing the trading in New York.

      John Key denies that the trades had any influence and that is just a flat out lie and yes he was part of the legend which cemented his career as a Derivatives trader too. He knew!

      What’s more I send this letter to Eugene Bingham in 2008 and not only did he or the news paper not respond, the news paper actually removed five pages of the online version of the autobiography

        • Yes, what’s more under his management as the global head of Forex and European head for Binds and Derivatives he was also involved in the collapse of the Thai bath and the Russian rouble and the collapse of the Long Term hedge fund management scandal which was the first time the Federal Reserve bailed out the banks amongst which Merrill Lynch. In the aftermath John Key had to fire about 200 people which garnered him the nickname the Smiling Assassin. The 1998 Thai crisis and the subsequent collapse has also had a huge negative effect on the New Zealand economy.

          • Where is the Media ?
            Why do people like yourself have to be the one’s that uncover the truth we need to maintain our Democracy ?
            When did “money and power” steal our protection ?
            The “Media” is our only protection

          • They wanted me on 60 minutes but all of a sudden they were basically called off. Must be the 911 stuff I thought but it could also be the fact that they are owned by a Canadian NWO owner. We don’t have journalistic protection any more.

    • In fact I sort of hoped I would get the Herald to demand a retraction of my accusations or even take me to court for accusing one of their top journalists to have enabled John Key to lie to the population of New Zealand and not do due diligence and research so I could call John Key as a witness but no such joy. All they did was take the damaging info of their site.

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  16. Thank-you very much for your work. You are my friend and I know you’ll sacrifice your time to fight for what is right and just. You are a good person.
    I wonder what motivates Eugene Bingham?

    • I wrote this in December 2008. Send it to Eugene Bingham’s email address at the NZH and all. Not only did I not get a reply but 5 pages of the Unauthorised Biography” disappeared of the internet. Those were all the pages referring to John Key’s banking history. Eugene Bingham would rather be slandered and called a shame to his profession than dis John Key.

  17. Great article covering the truth…Thank you.
    Please let us know if there is any reply. Although I doubt that there will be.
    That’s the nature of Shills like Eugene Bingham. When they are backed into a corner by the truth, they tend to just remain silent until it goes away

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