The Psychopathic shamelessness of Larry Silverstein

Larry Silverstein who famously told an interviewer that WTC7 was “pulled” (informal term for controlled demolition within the demolition community) in the aftermath of the collapse of the Twin Towers still has not made enough profit out of the misery that is the 911 attack. While more than 70.000 first responders and New York citizens are dying from the dust they inhaled that day he is once again trying to wring more billions out of the attacks which killed 3000 people on that day and saved him the cost of having to remove the asbestos from the WT Complex.

NEW YORK (Associated Press) – A judge says developer Larry Silverstein cannot recover more from the aviation industry than the $2.8 billion value of the World Trade Center if his lawsuits succeed.

Federal Judge Alvin Hellerstein made the determination in a ruling filed Thursday. The decision carried Wednesday’s date.

Hellerstein rejected Silverstein’s claims that his company would be entitled to as much as $16.2 billion from American Airlines, United Airlines and other aviation defendants.

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