Truancy parents face fine of $3000

Another brilliant idea brought to you by NActional.

First you tax the poor so they have to work even harder to make ends meet and have even less time to watch their brood. Brood says fuck the system seeing his parents work their asses of for nothing. Brood ditches the educational (Only there to  make them obedient workers anyway) system to form gangs (replacement family to cope with early forced independence) and truancy goes up.

If school reports truancy, the parents already working their asses off to make ends meet get a first fine of $ 300,- in the mailbox and the circle is closed. Kid get’s a beating from irate tired parent who has to work a couple of over hours to pay the fine. Kids says F*&k you even more and bang the second fine comes through the mailbox this time $ 3000,-. Catch my drift?

Alternatively; Schools who don’t want to jeopardise children and already overworked poor parents will not report a truancy case in which case National will be able to say that the fining system works because less truancy is reported.

Result; more poor kids with even less education caught between a rock and a hard place, more crime and more kids in jail. Whose kids? You guessed it; poor Maori kids. The ideal fodder for privatised jails in the future.

The fleecing has begun. How’s that change going for ya?


Parents of truants will be fined $300 for the first offence and $3000 for subsequent wagging under legislation being rushed through Parliament.

The Education (National Standards) Amendment Bill gives the Education Minister the power to set national literacy and numeracy standards.

But it also doubles truancy penalties. If a parent does not enroll a child at school, the fine will also be $3000 – double what it was before.

But the Labour Party and the Auckland Secondary Schools Principals’ Association last night doubted the bigger fines would make any difference.

Up to 30,000 children a week are estimated to play truant from their classrooms.

“Parents are very much in the same boat as schools, struggling to ensure the kids are in school,” association president Peter Gall said. “Unless the truancy is condoned, it would not be right to prosecute the parents.”

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