Schools will have to test and tell

(In German accent) You fill obey and you fill lurn from very young age that ve are the masters and you are nossing. Vork, slave vork. Ve set the Standards and you vill comply. Du schweinhund!

Oh yeah, the daddy state has arrived. How’s that change going for ya? You National voter you.

Never mind, just three more years to go. Oh oops, not of course if John Key gets the order and abolishes the NZ dollar in favour of his masters international currency when that happens we’re all f*&ked.


Schools will have to publicly reveal pupils’ annual test scores under Government plans to raise literacy and numeracy standards.

National made good on its promise to introduce compulsory national standards for primary and secondary schools yesterday, tabling a bill in Parliament that will require schools to test all pupils once a year on their reading, writing and maths skills and publish the results.

Schools will be required to report to parents “in plain language” on how their children are doing compared with the national standard and compared with other children their own age.

Many schools test students, but they are not required to do so, and they do not have to tell parents the results of the tests.

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