First cops armed with tasers

More than 500 people died last year after they had been tasered in North America alone.

People have been tasered for sitting in the wrong place at a football game,  getting irate and anxious after being held for long period on airports, for asking pertinent questions of politicians and for not complying with unlawful requests from policemen.

With Rodney Hide’s Draconian new prison laws up for the vote we could be looking at a police state in progress. How’s that “Change” going for ya?


Armed police in Wellington and Auckland have been equipped with tasers in the first stage of a national roll-out of the 50,000-volt stun guns.

Armed offenders staff are the first to be trained and certified, with general staff to begin their training in February next year.

Taser project manager Superintendent John Rivers said the introduction followed a year-long trial and an independent review.

“This is the first stage in the roll out of the taser as an additional tactical option for police following the decision by the Commissioner Howard Broad in August to reintroduce tasers,” he said.

Superintendent Rivers said police would not be routinely carrying the weapons and would have to obtain permission before taking a taser to an incident.

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