Pak on track to being named terrorist state

Pakistan of course is next on the list of the Empire. It has been for a long time and the reason in not the CIA financed extremist Madrassa’s but the fact that The USA is losing the war in Afghanistan and their need for control of it’s resources. So first you organise a false flag (Mumbai) operation, blame it on the country you want to attack, creating an atmosphere of distrust and antipathy and than you have it declared a terrorist state. Game set and match.

: The United States is dusting off a long-discarded proposal to declare Pakistan a state sponsor of terrorism. But with the Bush
administration now in its final six weeks in office, a decision in this regard is being left to the incoming Obama government, sources said, contingent on corrective actions taken in the meantime by Islamabad to the satisfaction of India, US and other countries affected by Pakistan’s toxic export of death.

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5 thoughts on “Pak on track to being named terrorist state

  1. Indian politicians who have hogged all the NSG commando cover are on the defensive. With election less than year away, they are trying to fight terrorism in media instead of where it should be fought, in Pakistan’s LET infested regions.

    We get the government we deserve.

    One good thing is happening already at Gateway of India after the terrorist attacks at the Taj Hotel in Mumbai. The Pigeons are returning.

    • But what if it wasn’t the Pakistani “al Qaeda” what if it was a CIA false flag operation meant to get people like you riled up enough to attack Pakistan?

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