Key’s currency speculation surprises

It seems to me that John Key is doing what Don Brash doesn’t want him to do. Speculating about where the dollar is going next or perhaps he just forgot he no longer is a banker and that when a Prime Minister speculates about what the dollar is going to do, people listen and act.

The New Zealand dollar could fall below 50 US cents, Prime Minister John Key said today.

It has been unusual in the past for prime ministers or their finance minister to talk about the prospects of the dollar, unless they are trying to talk its prospects up or down.

Speaking on the Agenda television programme this morning, Mr Key appeared to slip into his old role as a money trader and happily mused on the New Zealand currency’s fortunes.

My Key said his personal view was that dollar could trade below US50c in the near future and below 80 Australian cents.

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2 thoughts on “Key’s currency speculation surprises

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