Hide and local government a scary mix

Local Government has done nothing to upset John Key. John Key does not get upset. John Key in fact will do exactly what he said he would do, he will keep smiling his happy smile. He just enacts his masters orders. It’s nothing personal.

His orders? Destroy the cohesion of local communities. Monger fear and make sure that the local population accepts the restriction of their rights and in fact sees it as protection when chaos and violence ensues. Then follow up with the privatisation of every community service. In will step the international fascist corporations to pick up prisons, policing services and whatever else is on offer. Endgame.

They did it in the US, in Britain and they will do it here. how to go about it? Let the most right wing asshole elected by only a hand full of rabid right wing nutjobs loose in every single community in the country.

Destruction, Chaos, anger and polarisation guaranteed.

Yep, if anything John Key was very good at following orders. Whether firing hundreds of his Colleagues or running an account for the man conducting the biggest speculative attack on the NZ Dollar. Key’s masters knew they could count on him. he wasn’t called called the Smiling Assassin for nothing. New Zealand are you beginning to feel the fear? Well done, you voted for your own destruction.


There are many in local government scratching their heads after the appointment of Act leader Rodney Hide as Minister of Local Government and wondering what on earth they did to upset Prime Minister John Key so much.

Back in July when he addressed the Local Government New Zealand conference, Mr Key was at his smoochy best.

“We want to work closely with the local government sector… because on many issues, central and local government are in the same boat. We are both major players in the economy and in society. What we do actually matters in people’s lives.”

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