John Key calls an expert for some summit advice

While I applaud Helen Clark’s willingness to help out John Key (I probably would have said you wanted it now deal with it and I’ll have a good laugh when you stumble, I’m not a very mature person like that), doesn’t it strike you as odd that we voted in a man who has to ask for advise from the ousted Prime minister and member of the opposition in what to expect at Apec? WTF? Didn’t he have experienced advisors in his own party?

We voted in a man who was going to lead this country to greatness and I would have thought that he would have a plan in order to do so and that he would have read up on the leaders he would be “leading” with but here he is having to ask the previous MP for advise.

It’s a bit like being voted in based on “I know better” and than after having been voted in saying “Uh, actually Aunty Helen please teach me the ropes”. Well done New Zealand, well done.

We could have had a leader who would have no need to ask anyone on how to approach Apec with nine years of solid experience in matters such as foreign policy and we voted for a guy who has to be taught by his predecessor how to go about being a leader in the most precarious economic times since the great depression.

Prime Minister John Key has had a briefing on what to expect at Apec from an expert – his Labour predecessor, Helen Clark.

Key accepted the former PM’s offer to give him any help he wanted in foreign affairs, and spent 45 minutes on the phone with her just before he left New Zealand.

She briefed him on the leaders he would meet and on how to best handle the two leaders’ meetings tomorrow and on Monday (NZ time).

Yesterday, the countdown for Key’s arrival at Lima’s seaside Miraflores Park Hotel took about 40 minutes.

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2 thoughts on “John Key calls an expert for some summit advice

  1. candjworks,

    I have bought five years word of seeds to grow our own food and enough flour to last us awhile. I think the world, and that includes us, is heading for a financial and economic Armageddon and while I think that New Zealand is set reasonably well because we have enough land to grow our own food the fact that we voted a banker in (bankers are to blame for the coming disaster) doesn’t bode well for us.

  2. Hey i like your blog *bookmarked!. I too dis-like John Key but hey we will both agree they have no power at all the the only power they have is to make laws, establish budget, and for most politics declare war. I know we’re gonna get the hurt next year 2009. My dads company has already started to cut hrs. i would like to know your opinion on the coming years for New Zealand.

    C&J Works

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