Obama elected new president of the United States

Wow, America has voted a young black guy in as the 44th president of the US.
Obama will inherit a financially bankrupt country, a morally bankrupt country and a country exhausted by two wars it can never win. What will the Americans get? A man who managed to win an election in one of the most corrupt political environments financed by the same banksters and corporate fat cats that made sure Bush stayed in power from 2000 until January 2009. Added to that Obama has the same advisors that saw the neoliberal agenda and the first strike Bush doctrine come to life. But he’s black. I quess that will make all the difference in the years to come.

Barack Obama has been elected the 43rd (error mainstream press journalist) president of the United States – and the first black Commander-in-Chief in the country’s history.

CNN called the result at 5pm New Zealand time.

The Democrat presidential nominee took the swing states of Pennsylvania and Ohio in a landslide victory over Republican opponent John McCain in the race to 270 electoral college votes.

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