While the world burns they fiddle; literally.

Just imaging a humble German priest at 85 wants to hear Mozart’s Mass in C minor played for his 85th birthday. Being a humble spiritual spiritual servant to his flock and much loved you would think that his flock buys him a DVD of his favourite orchestra and choir to have him enjoy this master piece time time and again no? Well not if your brother is the pope.

If you brother is the pope you get flown to the Vatican together with said favourite orchestra and choir and they perform the masterpiece for you in the Sistine Chapel. At the expense of you local diocese. The price tag? A whopping $ 200,000,- NZ.

Just because you want to.

So much for the spiritual conscience of the Ratzinger boys who see nothing wrong with spending that kind of their flocks money while the worlds financial system is buckling under the strain caused by the same greed that leads this small priest to ask for such a big gift in times if immense poverty and suffering.

BERLIN (AFP) — A diocese in southern Germany plans to spend 100,000 euros (130,000 dollars) on a birthday bash at the Vatican for the Pope Benedict XVI’s elder brother, a magazine report said Sunday.

Georg Ratzinger, who is himself a priest, turns 85 on January 15 and wants Mozart’s Mass in C-Minor performed for him in the world-famous Sistine Chapel, German weekly Focus reported.

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