War pimp alert: Syria accuses U.S. in deadly helicopter attack

Something’s brewing. Our masters are itching to go to war with Iran but they are scared of the New and improved Russian bear who won’t go along with the New World Order.

When Russia defended South Ossetian people against the genocidal attack of the Western puppet Saakashvili and brought Georgia down within days the NWO knew they had a problem. Putin wasn’t going to play along with their game plan. In fact that is when they lost control over the Caspian basin and it’s huge wealth in oil and gas and Russia had gained control ofer it’s vast resources. This also when their window of oportunity closed on an attack on Iran. The Russian bear was back and it would not allow another war in the region. So now what? Perhaps a series of attacks on Syrian soil to provoke them into a war against Israel? It would certainly involve Iranian weaponry. It would most certainly allow Israel to act in selfdefence.

Whatever the case may be the final results will be an Armageddon this world has never seen before because no matter how they bomb that country it is a rich and well armed country 70 million strong and they will defend their country no matter what the cost and they will take Israel with them even if the US manages to bomb the country back to the stone age.

(CNN) — The U.S. military said it is investigating claims from Syria that U.S. helicopters based in Iraq killed eight people and wounded another Sunday in an attack inside Syria’s territory Sunday.

Syria’s state news agency SANA said four U.S. helicopters crossed the border and struck a farm about 5 miles inside Syria before returning to Iraqi airspace.

The raid occurred about 4:45 p.m. The helicopters hit a civilian building under construction on the farm, killing killing three men, the wife of a guard and four children, SANA said.

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