Militarization of the American Homeland: Suppression of “Civil Disturbances”

The New American Century, the strategic concept of Anglo-American – Zionist Capital has imploded, along with major Investment Banks and financial and banking institutions of close alliance partners, humiliatingly in full view of peoples and societies where they pillaged, killed, tortured and terrorised rendering millions homeless into refugees.

The propaganda ploy of the global “War on Terror” for invading countries and incorporating proxy governments into an alliance against their own peoples and citizens of neighbouring countries, to secure resources, national budgets of the countries occupied and station military bases in strategic regions , was unable to conceal or camouflage the scale of the financial fraud, perpetrated by the ‘Best and Brightest’ of Bankers and CEOs and the nature of the exploding speculative bubble unprecedented in world history, endangering the entire banking system of these financial centers and those interlinked, destroying the myth of the finality of this system, what was described with intellectual arrogance and ignorance as the ‘end of history’ of mankind’s quest for better, equitable and just economic and political systems, forgetting that that nothing is static and civilisations evolve.

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