Congress Ends 9/11 Workers’ Health Care Bill

Last week the US congress voted a trillion dollars for the perpetuation of their madness in Afghanistan, Iraq and the perpetuation of empire.

This week their going to pass a law to perpetuate their madness on Wall street by bailing the scheisers and their Ponsy scemes out for anywere between 700 billion to 5 Trillion dollars but they are unwilling to make 5 billion available desperately needed by 70.000 first responders and New Yorkers who are ill because the breathed in the demolished buildings in new York on 911 and the clean up afterwards.

What does it take for you to finally face up to the fact that the US Government both President and the Congress are evil and very capable of the murder of their own and other countries in order to create the mayhem they are currently engaged in.

How about the wilful desertion of 50.000 salt of the earth people who risked everything when they went into those burning buildings to save their fellow men?

How about those who went onto that pile after the collapse to rescue whom they could find?

How about the suckers who went back to work after three days to work on Wall street while their masters sniggered behind their backs.

Tell me what does it take? 70.000 people, citizens, heroes and suckers, people like you and me dying horrible, painful, torturous deaths, dying without healthcare, without the means to support themselves and their families, put yourself in their place and look at the people denying them.

It makes me want to scream,” EVIL, EVIL, EVIL.”

When will the US population finally say,” enough is enough, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH,” and take back their country. JESUS WEPT.

Only 5 measly billion and they can’t be bothered.

It is utterly and utterly depicable.

Congress has abandoned legislation to provide billions of dollars in health care for September 11th recovery workers.

The program would have provided long term care for workers who were at the World Trade Center on or shortly after September 11, 2001 at an estimated cost of at least $5 billion.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg strongly objected to a part of the bill that would have forced the city to pay for 10 percent of the program, saying it would place an undue burden on city taxpayers.

In addition, the legislation would have reopened the federal September 11th Victim Compensation Fund, adding around $6 billion to the plan.

The legislation had the backing of several New York congressmen but was overshadowed by negotiations surrounding the financial bailout.

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