Paulson’s former firm to be among largest beneficiaries of bailout: bank

Paulson has a long history of corruption, conflicts of interest but this one is so big they don’t even try to hide their moral decay anymore. In what is the most gigantic of all heist of middle class wealth by the Money Masters in human history paulson makes shure to bail out his own buddies the most. Vile, vile, vile.

Paulson’s former firm to be among largest beneficiaries of bailout: bank

John Byrne
Published: Tuesday September 23, 2008

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It certainly pays to be Treasury Secretary if your former firm is a brokerage house, a new study says.

Goldman Sachs Group — formerly run by Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson, and Morgan Stanley, stand to be among the biggest beneficiaries of a $700 billion US bailout.

“Its benefits, in its current form, will be largely limited to investment banks and other banks that have aggressively written down the value of their holdings and have already recognized the attendant capital impairment,” Jeffrey Rosenberg, Bank of America’s head of credit strategy research, wrote in a report obtained by Bloomberg News yesterday.

Paulson was the head of Goldman Sach’s investment banking division from 1990 to 1994. He later became chairman and chief executive officer of Goldman, and left his post to join the Bush Administration.

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