9/11 and New Zealand’s long slumber

As I told you a week or so ago Putin is ready to share with the Russian population about what he knew the moment it happened; 911 was an inside job. With the US gagging for a war in Georgia and threatening to build a missile system at the Russian borders Putin needs his people to be awake and angry and above all ready to die in a defensive war.

In Russia on the 12th of September 20 million Russians will be watching the Italian documentary Zero 911: A call for a new investigation into the events of 911. In Germany last week a major 911 event took place with the makers of this movie. Across Europe, America, Canada, Australia people will once again venture out onto their streets to share information about the events of that day. In New Zealand the anniversary will be largely ignored or is it?

Not anymore it isn’t. In the week of the eleventh of September in three major cities Auckland, Hamilton and Wellington people will be sharing their information with you New Zealand and for those off you who have a sky subscription there will actually be one of the most harrowing documentaries made about the events shown on the 11th. The Documantary “911 Press for truth” is a documentary about the “Jersey girls”, a group of 911 widows and their quest for an investigation into the attacks on that day. For those of you who still think that 19 hijackers were able to demolish three buildings into fine dust by flying two planes into the Twin towers this is a must watch. It does not try to prove to you that 911 was an inside job but merely chronicles the plight of a group of women in their struggle against a government that wished more than anything to stiffle a thourough investigation of what was after all the biggest attack on American soil ever.

below you will find the first 14 minutes from the documentary that 20 million Russians will watch next week. Zero 911. In the week that follows you can rest assured that every single Russian will know what was in that movie and we will have a new and very scary cold war on our hands. if there was a group of Russian citizens in favour of a US style democracy you can forget about that. The Russians will rally around their already immensely popular leaders and they will be ready to defend mother Russia against the US and they will be happy to take on Europe and NATO as they collaborators that they are.

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