Japanese prime minister resigns

Now this is interesting. The biggest opposition party is the Democratic party and is very likely to be voted in as the new ruling party. With this the quest for a new and independent 911 investigation comes a whole lot closer. Yuki Fujita, a member of the democratic parliamentarians has openly questioned the veracity of the Official 911 conspiracy theory and is working with some 30 other Democratic parliamentarians towards a new and independent investigation of the events of that day. What makes it likely that they may succeed is the fact that Japan’s American bases are used to provide troops and support in, to the Japanese, very unpopular wars. Added to that; the continued presence of the US bases and the hideous behaviour of US soldiers has long been hated and the Japanese would like nothing better than to have a good reason to push for the removal of these bases.

TOKYO: Japan’s chronically unpopular prime minister abruptly resigned Monday after a yearlong struggle with a deadlocked parliament, leaving the weakened ruling party to grapple with a stalled economy and rising calls for snap elections.

The resignation of Yasuo Fukuda, 72, deepened a two-year stretch of political instability at the helm of the world’s second-largest economy. It came only days after the government announced a stimulus package to counter flagging consumer spending.

Fukuda, who took office just under a year ago, said he was clearing the decks for a more popular successor to take over ahead of a tough special session in the parliament, where the ruling party controls the lower house and the opposition dominates the upper.

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