That’s getting a bit personal dude

Ooh yuk, when a $ 50 million dollar banker goes “dude” to high school students it always makes me nauseous. Were these students questioning him about the colour of his underwear? No they wanted his opinion about the electricity pylons throughout the Waikato. He’s a politician for f*&k’s sake and this is a sensitive issue for a lot of people who live there. Again John Key is tight lipped about important issues like student loans etc. If you can’t even be open about your politics to students than what are you in politics for? Oh, I get it, to get elected and sell the country off to the highest bidder. They did it before and they’ll do it again judging by the crap they spouted while being taped secretly. Dear people say after me:” No policies, no vote.”

Cambridge High School students did their best to get a policy out of him, but National leader John Key stayed tight-lipped on his party’s student allowance stance yesterday.

Mr Key was in Cambridge to speak to the students and address the Cambridge Chamber of Commerce.

He told the students their education was a liberator and spoke of the importance of university qualifications.

But the heat went on when one student asked exactly what his party’s policy was on student allowances.

It has been hinted a universal student allowance may be one of Labour’s pledges in this year’s election campaign, at a cost of about $728 million, after Tertiary Education Minister Pete Hodgson instructed the ministry to cost the idea.

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2 thoughts on “That’s getting a bit personal dude

  1. Roll on the universal student allowance. Better than boot camp. More independence for kids getting out from under the little men. More freedom to pursue Key and keep asking questions. He’s such a pseud and a fraud and a jerk the kids will wipe the floor with him. Good post gets to the heart.

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