11 September, Wellington and 911 truth.

I will come to Wellington just before the 11th to support you, Wellingtonian 911 truthers. We should be having a field day with WTC 7 and the ridiculous NIST explanation. LOL.

I am very curious to meet you all and look forward to a day of action. I will be burning high quality DVD’s with some of the major video’s such as 911 mysteries, Terror storm and 911 Ripple effect. While I try to give as much info for free I will be charging $ 2,- for them. I do this because I have to try to recuperate some of my petrol costs as Ii drive to Auckland and other cities to spread 911 truth. I am a full time activist and have no source of income other than my husbands income and our veggie patch and I can’t let my activist costs lay to heavy a burden on our income. Martin who is on a state pension and also a full time activist does the same and people are generally more than happy to pay for a DVD with high quality content. Added to that Martin suggests not unreasonably that people who are prepared to pay will definitely watch it while people often disregard free DVD’s and only accept them to be polite or to get rid of you.

I will bring a tent, a table and my laptop. I also have truth dollars and I will print a lot of flyers with Architect and Engineer talking points about building 7.

Is there anybody who is capable and has time to make a banner to hang from the tent that would be greatly appreciated.

Remember on 11 September it is exactly 7 years ago that the US was attacked by it’s own Government. US citizens are waking up to the truth and they need our support, bring camera’s video camera’s and let’s make sure they know were are out here spreading the truth about 911 and that while we hate their Government we care for and support the average American who is desperate to take back his country and stop the wars in Afghanistan.

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