Fire fighters tear Government “911 evidence” apart

This week the NIST gave the most hilarious and incompetent reason for the collapse of the WTC 7 building. At the same time a group of fire fighters had enough of the obviously incompetent and disingenuous NIST “911 investigations” and put out their take on the events of 911.

Now that US fire fighters have entered the melee that is the guest for truth about what really happened we’re getting some real fireworks.

They are fire fighting professionals who as concerned US citizens who decided to join their considerable force and knowledge to the rapidly growing 911 truth movement. I consider this to be a breakthrough for the 911 movement. We have had other important moments like when Richard Cage and his Architects and Engineers joined and when Rob Balsamo and the Pilots for 911 truth added their formidable aviation knowledge to the knowledge pool. Professor Jones who lost his job and career when he decided to speak the truth made a massive breakthrough when he announced (corroborated by three or four independent laboratories) the existence of thermite in dust samples of WTC 1,2 and 7. the list is too long. what I want to give you here is the beginning of the unraveling of the official “Conspiracy theory” in favour of finding out the truth as the firefighters tear into the official “evidence”. Enjoy.(travellerev)

NFPA 9.3.6 covers Spoliation of Evidence. Specifically, reads as follows: “Once evidence has been removed from the scene, it should be maintained and not be destroyed or altered until others who have a reasonable interest in the matter have been notified. Any destructive testing or destructive examination of the evidence that may be necessary should occur only after all reasonably known parties have been notified in advance and given the opportunity to participate in or observe the testing.”

It would seem painfully obvious the very engineers and investigators that are tasked to determine the cause of collapse would be “reasonably known parties” and would find it very helpful to “participate in or observe the testing” in order to aid in their investigation.

Since when do we destroy evidence before we identify the cause of collapse? We don’t solve crimes, or get safer buildings by destroying evidence, and then hypothesise the cause. There is nowhere in the NFPA guidelines, or any investigation guidelines that we have found that call for the destruction of evidence, and then the investigation.

We often hear people say it was about the money in the recycled steel. We haven’t been able to find one other example of a mass murder, and engineering catastrophe where the evidence was destroyed prior to determining cause, for the money. Don’t accept that excuse. Willful destruction of evidence before an investigation completion is only done to hinder the investigation or hide the truth!

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