Russia, Georgia, Ossetia and the good old US of A

By Evelyn Gilbert

While the Dominion post pushes for an anti-Russian stance by personalising the dire situation in Georgia  with the story of a Kiwi who had to save his family by driving trough a war zone and the NZ Herald does the same by mentioning the 100.000 Georgian refugees but not the untold tens of thousands of Ossetian refugees it pays to take the time to study the situation on the ground rather than believe the knee jerk reaction of our corporately owned media.

Additionally both News papers pointed out the importance of the oil and gas lines running through Georgia and the press widely reported that the Russians attempted to bomb these lines, hinting at the fact that Russia would deprive the West of fuel thus demonising Russia even more while it later turned out that someone in Abkhazia had turned the pipe of. Not a strange measure if you know a country is going to get bombed

In the night of the start of the Olympics the Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili ordered an all out attack on the province of Ossetia. It started with the cold blooded killing of ten Russian “Peace keepers”.

There was no warning and the civil population of South Ossetian capital of Tskhinvali were decimated by a bombardment of rockets designed to destroy large areas. Some 70% of the town was destroyed. The Georgian attacks on the city and surrounding small villages was brutal and genocidal.

Ossetia has been described as the “Rebel” or “Breakaway” province in our main press implicating that it was justified for Georgia to attack Ossetia in order to restore order but Ossetia is neither a Rebel not a Breakaway province.

Ossetia was given to Georgia by Stalin, himself a Georgian and without the consent of the Ossetian population. Ossetia had an autonomous status and in no way was Georgia justified to attack the country.

Most Ossetians have a Russian passport and consider themselves Ossetian and associate themselves with Russia rather than Georgia.

Why then did President Saakashvili order this “Blitzkrieg” on Ossetia at that moment and in the deep of the night?

For one Putin was at the Olympics and Medvedev was on a short holiday so effectively the Russian leadership was incommunicado and this would give Saakashvili a time advantage so if Saakashvili was able to force Ossetia to surender before the Russians could intervene it would make it hard for the Russians who had warned that they would intervene in case of an attack to do so without looking like bullies.

Why did President Saakashvili feel strong enough to attack Ossetia in light of the fact that Russia far outweighs Georgia an fire power and military strength?

President Saakashvili is a relatively young President and is Harvard trained. He has build strong ties with both NATO and America. He has lobbied for acceptance into NATO and a stronger alignment with the West and possibly even part of the EU.
Georgia would never attack Russia by proxy in the form of an attack on Ossetia without the support of the US and the NATO and Saalashvili must have been given the green light by both.

In fact the last four years both Israeli and US military advisors have trained the Georgian troops Israel has been selling Georgia weapons.

Even more so US troops are still in Georgia and there have been rapports of US troops having been killed and captured by the Russian forces.

And last but not least General Patreaus in charge of operations in the middle east war theatre flew two thousand Georgian troops back to Georgia with US planes.

This effectively means that the US is actively involved in a war against Russia with it’s own troops. You’ve got that right; US troops and mercenaries are fighting alongside of Georgian troops against the Russians.

The Neocons cabal have been promoting and actively pursuing US Hegemony around the world and the control over the Caspian basin is strategically important for control over the worlds oil and gas resources in addition to that they also promoted greater control over Russia and China through the placement of an anti missile shield in the Czech Republic and Poland which, while propagated as a defence against Iranian aggression, will effectively hold the Russians hostage to the whims of American leadership. This is not something the Russians can tolerate. Russian leadership had warned time time and again that they would not tolerate the anti missile shield and would react military in case the US would start to build these rocket launchers in the countries around it.

In order for the Neocon policies to be put in place the US and NATO had to find out how strong the Russian army was and how effective they would be in direct combat.

Therefore the Russians had absolutely not choice but to intervene forcefully and to show that they, without a shadow of a doubt, had an army capable of winning a war against the US in the regions around Russia because if they didn’t it would be the end of Russia’s independence.

It would mean that the US could place their missile shield were ever they wanted and  Russia would have no choice but to accept it.

While President Saakashvili may have been lead to believe that he could count on US and NATO support in the case of Russian intervention I believe the US and NATO had no intention of doing so. By training the Georgian army and goading it into an illegal attack on Ossetia they got what they wanted.

A correct measure of how prepared the Russian army is when challenged.

Never mind the thousands of death on the side of the Ossetians and the Georgians it is far and away for most people.

With Russian winning the battle over Ossetia there can be no mistake about Russia’s might and willingness to protect it’s boundaries and sphere’s of interest.

And while the Neocons might gain some positive anti-Russian spin out of it there can be no mistake that with all Cheney’s, Bush’s and Brzezinski’s threaning lanquage the US and NATO have been thouroughly beaten by Russia in Georgia and that it has set their agenda back by years if not longer. Russia is not going to take the encapsulation of Russia into the new international system by the international ruling elite lying down.

The question now is how far this ruling elite is willing to go in enforcing this system on Russia but Europe stands warned about the US Anti missile shield.

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