Families forced to live in sheds and cars as credit crunch bites

A couple are sleeping rough in an allotment shed after their home was repossessed.

Debbie Galloway, 31, and her husband Philip, 42, lost their home after they failed to keep up mortgage payments on their three-bedroomed semi-detached house.

The couple, the latest to have fallen foul of the credit crunch, have resorted to sleeping in an allotment site owned by a relative, while their four children, aged between four and 14, are staying with other family members.


Mother-of-four Debbie Galloway is living in an allotment shed

The Galloways, who lived in their own home in Hartlepool for 13 years, fell behind on their repayments after Mrs Galloway, a former check-out assistant, changed jobs. The house was repossessed in early June.

Hartlepool Borough Council has offered the couple temporary accommodation but the Galloways said the properties on offer were in such a desperate state of disrepair that they were better off in the shed.

Mrs Galloway said the houses offered to her family were completely run down with either no running water, caved-in ceilings, holes in the kitchen floor or tiles falling off the wall.

She said: ‘All of them have been in a bad way. The allotment is cleaner than half the houses they have sent us to.’

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