Just wanting to say thank you.

Today I checked Monthly statistics and I am in awe. Last month (July) I went up from 4982 to 8528 hits on this blog. That is absolutely awesome. While I know that mine is just a humble little blog and there are far bigger blogs out there I am over the moon with this kind of exposure. It makes me feel that what I try to do in giving people as much information as I can really counts and that there are people out there looking for news and background information you won’t find in the mainstream media.

Considering the fact that I was able in June to maintain my place on Tumeke’s Blogosphere list on number 44 and that this blog is ont the rise while my favourite target Slippery John Key’s blogsite dropped from 43 to 60 also gives me great satifaction.

And lastly I want to thank you for the fact that you, my readers have kept my post on New Zealand’s involvement in the greatest holocaust since WW II consistently on the number one most read spot for more than three months. With yesterday hitting the 4000 hits and now well over that. I find it strangely rewarding that something I wrote myself should be so well read instead of the material that I link too from so many incredible writers and journalists.

If you find the information on this blog of worth than I request that you spread this blog as far and as wide as you can so that we might educate and inform as many people her in New Zeland as possible about the events of 911, the inernational banking world and it’s political puppets.

Nga mihi

Evelyn Gilbert

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