They Know What’s in Your Medicine Cabinet

This is what privatised health care looks like folks. It’s about profit not about care.

null The Sheltons were denied insurance after a review of their drug profiles Robert Seale
null John Stenson of MedPoint, a major provider of pharmacy profiles Thomas Strand

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That prescription you just picked up at the drugstore could hurt your chances of getting health insurance.

An untold number of people have been rejected for medical coverage for a reason they never could have guessed: Insurance companies are using huge, commercially available prescription databases to screen out applicants based on their drug purchases.

Privacy and consumer advocates warn that the information can easily be misinterpreted or knowingly misused. At a minimum, the practice is adding another layer of anxiety to a marketplace that many consumers already find baffling. “It’s making it harder to find insurance for people,” says Jay Horowitz, an independent insurance agent in Overland Park, Kan.

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