This is how the US government celebrates its real Heroes

Remember how does brave men walked into the clouds that were all that was left of the Twin Towers in New York on 911? Day in day out they worked, first to rescue than to find whatever there was left of the fallen so they could be buried with dignity.

These 50.000 men and women stayed to help and to clear and to save their city after it was attacked by “terrorists”. After Bush had come and gone for his Photo op to get the US and the rest of the world riled up enough to follow him into the most destructive wars since WWII. After they were done with the job they tried to go back to their lives but most found they couldn’t. They struggled with PTSD, with strange lung diseases and they are getting more and more sick and they are dying.

50.000 real American heroes who gave everything they had to give in the service of their fellow men. Not only that but more and more New Yorkers are getting sick with lung diseases, cancers and other unexplainable ailments. From 20.000 and upwards.The first responders and teh New Yorkers were told that the air in their city was safe to breath and trusting their government officials they took their word for it but the air was not safe to breath, in fact it was the most toxic soup of chemicals, heavy metals, Asbestos. You name it it was in there and people breathed it in day in day out and it is killing them now.

In other words: The 911 attacks are still killing to this day and the deaths are going to be in the tens of thousands, 70.000 and up. You would think that the US Government at the moment involved with the biggest revenge operation ever, two illegal wars of aggression against people who had no connection with the 911 attacks what so ever would want the people who are suffering as the result  of these attacks to be taken care of wouldn’t you?

Well this is how they take care of their own, still think they are good friends to have?

If you want to donate after you have seen these video’s go to the John Feal site to see what you can do to help

These are the Americans I would be proud to call my friends, in fact I do call them my friends in our struggle for the truth about what happened that day. These are the American you should support. Condoleezza Rice, Dick Cheney and Bush along with their Neocon fascist supporters shoulod be in jail hanging of the gallows for leaving these people to die alone let alone for what they are doing to the middle east and the rest of the world.

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