The Pentagon bullies: Meet Roger Helbig

It seems that in my attempts to bring the real horror that is Depleted Uranium to my readers I picked up a piece of shit under my virtual shoes. This piece of trash goes by the name of Roger Helbig. Roger Helbig is a retired Airforce Lt Col. Roger Helbig has made it is lives work to bully people like me into silence about Depleted Uranium.

He started commenting on my depleted Uranium posts within 24 hours after the first publication. I did not know because his name is so notorious that Askimet puts his rants in the spam filter straight away. Only when I checked the filter did I find out. I googled his name and this is what some of my all time heroes have to say about him. Doug Rokke Phd is a specialist in DU and is now dying of DU contamination and one of the Key people in the ongoing strugle to stop the use of DU responded to accusations of Helbig as follows.

Another one of my heroes Felicity Arbuthnot has this to say about Roger Helbig.

To be honest I don’t know if I should feel flattered because I have been grouped with people I consider to be heroes or scared shitless because this piece of Pentagon filth can find my blog within 24 hours.

42 thoughts on “The Pentagon bullies: Meet Roger Helbig

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  5. Roger Helbig was able to find my work phone number withing 15 minutes of my signing a petition to the UN agains DU weapons. He apparently has some connections with military intelligence if he is able to do that, that quickly.
    He asked for me by name, then called me a liar, and with a voice filled with venom and veiled threats, told me he had no trouble finding out anything he wanted to about me. I hung up on him, then I reported this call the the local FBI office.

    • I spoke with Doug Rokke who is the guy who wrote the US army manuals on DU and weapons of mass destruction.

      He told me that Roger Helbig was Pentagon. This is definitely not a nice guy and they must be getting pretty upset to now start intimidating people like you over the phone.

    • This is very worrying. I had thought that Roger Helbig was just some kind of angry nutter. I have received a number of insulting and abusive emails from him, and more often, comments sent to my website I managed to block all his communications.
      And I was advising others subject to his bullyng to do the same. Just ignore him, not sinking to his level.
      But it is a worry that Helbig is able to bring his aggression to such a personal level.
      Hard to believe that the Pentagon is silly enough to actually employ this person, who gives the impression of being at least, a disturbed personality.

  6. I haven’t read all the comments, I must confess. But – I think it is a mistake to write insulting stuff about Roger Helbig.. From my own experience of Helbig’s emails and comments, I have a fair idea that the man is probably mentally unbalanced. Far from being a propagandist for the Pentagon, he is quite likely to be more of an embarrassment to them.
    My suggestion on dealing with Helbig’s unfriendly messages is – to just spam them , don’t bother reading them, just ignore him. Hope he gets some help some day. Sounds as if he needs it.

    • No one has ever seen Heilbig’s CV. He rants at the pleasure of whom? Respond to his missives at your own displeasure…… He has attempted to reach me vis FOIA List Server where he lurks for those who challenge government denial of FOIA and adds the psychological drippings of a cat about to eat a mouse but the mouse doesn’t respond.

      • The “Icky’s” have been around for hundreds of millions of years. One fossil recently found in a coal mine in Colombia measured 43 feet and estimated to weigh 25,000 pounds had jaws that open 180 degrees and could devour a giant in one bite. The pressure exerted by the jaws is estimated to be equal to three Eiffel Towers, on top of one another. It takes warm climate for such critters to grow that large. They are related to todays Boas.

        The ancient Mayan and Aztec tribes of Mexico honored them by constructing their pyramids to show the snakes crawling down the pyramid during Spring Solstice, ending at the Snake’s head at the bottom. It may be reasonable to conclude the Aliens who assisted the tribes in their fascinating constructions used the Reptilian’s as minders. Some believe that human/alien interbreeding produced offspring such as Helbig who appears to have a healthy carnivorous appetite and control phobia, much like serpents.

  7. I, too, got a negative comment…. about my book, The Nuclear Catastrophe, a fiction novel of suspense…. from Roger Helbig. That was without reading it. While I tried to be polite now that I have googled his name, I am getting a broader perspective of who he is. Interestingly enough, on his twitter page he has no profile as to who he is. But I guess we can figure it out anyway.

  8. Very pleased to find this site, and to learn that I am not alone in receiving, over more than a year, nasty emails from Roger Helbig.

    I am relieved to learn about his antics.
    I am pleased to be among the select group who must be making an impression, and thus are singled out for this persecution.

    When I find out how to do it (I am a bit of a Luddite) I will put Helbig into the permanent spam state. But I hope there’s some way that he knows he is spammed out.

    Thanks for this very helpful site.
    Christina Macpherson

  9. We just got a load of crap from this muppet too, due to stats, images and videos we have posted relating to US usage of DU munitions in Iraq, Kuwait, the Balkans and Afghanistan. And for all his posturing and disinfo in about half a dozen emails (so far), he posted zero links to sources of his information. I will only reply once if he cannot argure with data/science/studys. He really doesnt like Rokke!

    • Great blog!!!

      I put Helbig in my spam filter. He’s a waste of space and according to Doug whom I had the honour of speaking with once, he is also very much Pentagon filth.

      • Cheers for the kind words! Really like what you do here too!! I will most probably follow your lead regarding spam filter, unless he replies to 1 simple question with an answer that is relative to his campaign; What is HIS experience, qualifications, knowledge, etc related to DU?

        Its very important that he has more in these areas than the likes of Rooke, who he is attacking for lacking in these areas. I’m pretty sure Ive come up with a trick question, but a valid one.

        I’m awaiting his reply on this (9 emails received, which include zero info about his credentials)

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  11. Thanks, Trav. Now that we’ve (over at PPJG) got Helbig’s number, we’re going all out on the issue of DU munitions, partly because it is an important topic, of course, but also to draw out the Pentagon’s spammers and see who they are.

    Yesterday, in fact, I posted a new piece on Doug’s work (, with a link to some of his videotaped lectures on DU. Within hours of posting it, Helbig was in my face again. I deleted his crap, this time, rather than respond to it. Just a few minutes ago, I read yet another contentious reply to the same article, from someone calling himself Bob Cherry. He, basically, gave me a “correction” to Doug’s credentials (which I had obtained from a site on which Doug was written favorably about). So, I’ve asked “Bob” exactly what his own qualifications are to amend Doug’s credentials and how, exactly, he supposedly knows there is anything in need of correction. We’ll see what he says next. If my hunch is correct, he’s another DOD troll like Helbig. We have never had this kind of malicious response to our articles – and we’ve written about everything having to do with the NWO – until I posted the piece on Leuren Moret. Now they’re coming out from under whatever slimy rock they’ve been hiding under just to attack us. It’s really rather comical, as none of them seem to be very adept at writing, much less at credible criticism.

    As for sticking my neck out, I made that decision almost two years ago, when I was awakened, myself, to the NWO by an anonymous truther who inserted a DVD of Aaron Russo’s “America: Freedom to Fascism” in a book I bought at Borders one evening. That got me started researching everything and I haven’t stopped since.

    I have a website of my own, The Free Zone, where I cover everything NWO, and then some:

    Peace, love and down with the New World Order!

  12. Hi Gary,

    No worries, I’m relieved that you have found out who really wrote those comments. I will forward this post and the comments to Doug so he knows what Roger Helbig has been doing in his name.

    If I’m not mistaken impersonating someone is illegal and he might be able to do something with it.

    Also it is nice to know that there is a real person on the other side of these comments and if my blog has helped you find someone like Doug and find out about the true nature of Helbig than that is great.

    You too keep fighting the good fight and again no worries and remember that when Helbig is commenting and smearing you posts than yes indeed, you are getting up the Pentagon’s nose. Scary but that’s what we need to do.

    Oh, and if there is anything you might want to share with my readers keep me posted.


  13. Sorry about all the posts. I have now confirmed that rhotel1, who attacked me in the first place, is actually Lt. Col. Roger Helbig:

    So, apparently, Helbig was somehow using an ISP account in Rokke’s name, presumably to discredit him or confuse people, which he’s done a marvelous job of.

    My apologies, then, for everything I’ve said about Doug Rokke. As I listen to him now, speaking to an audience at East Tennessee University, I know he is a good man who is definitely NOT the same person who posted the message attacking me.

    It is very revealing that Roger Helbig used another name to attack me with, then posted again under the name rhelbig only after I mentioned him by name (that post has been removed by the site administrator now).

    Anyway, keep fighting the good fight and, again, my apologies.

  14. Hi Gary,

    I got the Helbig responses (There were more but I send him into the spam purgatory) within 48 hours after posting my DU post.

    Helbig has been attacking Rokke, Meuret and Felicity Arbuthnot viciously and according to Doug he is closely connected to the Medical department of the Pentagon which is heavily involved in the smearing of prominent and in my case the not so prominent DU activists.

    I have spoken with Doug and the names of some other assholes like Helbig who like him (Lost the names though) all checked out.

    His DU documentaries like Beyond Treason and others spell it out. I have no reason to doubt him and I have to say that the man I spoke to on the phone is very much like the man you see in the doco’s. He is a driven activist and a man who entered the US army with all the intention of being a patriot and a good American and his sense of betrayal I feel is justified.

    In fact he has been traveling with Meuret to get the truth about DU out so I’m pretty sure it wasn’t Doug who attacked you.

    It is very easy to steal ID’s and register user names and I’m sure that they try to confuse the hell out of us.

    I did what you should perhaps have done with Doug Rokke before you commented on my blog and checked your sites.
    You have a lot of information and I appreciate that you like me are trying to give people as much information as you are capable off.

    We live in a dangerous and paranoid world and I salute you for sticking your neck out to bring information to the rest of us and yes, I think we are on the same side.

    Stay well clear from Helbig and Google him to see the kind of damage he has caused with his aggressive tactics.

    May peace be with you.

    • Doug Rokke was the head of the army’s unit to clean up DU in Iraq after the first Gulf War. Many of the men in his unit died of exposure to DU, and he himself is very sick.
      When I learned about DU ten years or so ago, I started a Yahoo group about it, now owned and run by an associate of Leuren Moret, Bob Nichols.
      Helbig used to harass me, too, then, calling me a “terrorist.” (My husband is from the Middle East.)
      He deserves everything vile said about him, here. My understanding at that time was that he had been ordered by his superiors in the Pentagon to leave people alone, but I am not sure that isn’t just something put out in public. There are always so many layers of deception and denial when dealing with the US government, which is the biggest terrorist organization on the planet.
      In any case, the group I started is called AmericanDUST (Depleted Uranium Study Team) and it is still alive. We have all of Leuren Moret’s, and Doug Rokke’s articles archived, as well as many by Felicity Arbuthnot and others.
      I am signing my real name because I am not afraid of this mf.
      Romi Elnagar

      • I found many, many years ago when the film beyond treason came out Doug’s telephone number and called him. I told him about Helbig’s responses to my post and was adamant I should call the police and report Helbig. We had a very interesting conversation about DU and what it does and how our governments are colluding to spread this poison around the globe. I am grateful he is still around and I get to wish him happy birthday every year. He is a brave man has done good in trying to educate us on the dangers of the many hideous chemicals the US uses to poison our planet!

  15. UPDATE: I’ve just checked further in Doug Rokke and I see that he’s been saying the same things Moret says and has been attacked for it, just as Moret has been. However, when I checked the “Who Is” link at PPJG for rhotel1, the name my attacker posted under, it said the person’s real name was Rokke and that his ISP was located in Sacramento.

    As for the REAL Doug Rokke, I’m listening to him on Google video at the moment and I have concluded that he is who you say he is. The question is, how is it that the person – whoever it was – who attacked my posting of the Moret videos was using an IP address associated with Rokke? Unless he opened an account under that name?? I have no idea. This is very confusing and I’m continuing to look into this.

  16. Well, I’ve just had a closer look at DuStory and I now realize my error in thinking Rokke was posting there and was, therefore, in league with Helbig. I now see that it was you, not he, who posted there and that you were speaking out in defense of Rokke. My sincere apologies, then.

    But, the matter remains, though, of why Rokke would attack me for posting links to Leuren Moret’s interviews on the subject of DU poisoning. I remain baffled by this. Perhaps you can explain?

  17. Well, before you start attacking me, allow me to explain, please. We are on the same side, here, I assure you.

    First of all, as I said, I was attacked by both Rokke and Helbig within hours of posting links to two video interviews of Leuren Moret. Now, I don’t know either Rokke or Helbig, so all I have to go by is what they said to me via the site I posted the links to, which is the Proud Political Junkie’s Gazette. I’m a contributor to that site and, as I disclosed, I also have my own website, which I’ve linked to above. You can freely check it out to see who I am.

    Secondly, if Rokke is who you say he is, then why on earth would he be attacking anyone who is exposing the dangers of DU poisoning? Further, why would you be defending him when he is doing so? If he is, as you say, a victim of DU poisoning, himself, what sense does it make, then, for him to be attacking those who expose the perpetrators of his poisoning? Frankly, I’m quite baffled by this. Explain, please.

    If Rokke is an anti-DU activist, why is he openly attacking other anti-DU activists on the internet? This doesn’t make sense unless Rokke, himself, is a disinfo agent, which is what I suspect.

    As for how I found your site, Rokke, as I said, provided me with the name and URL of the DUStory site, which is where I saw the reference to Helbig. When I Googled Helbig’s name, I found your site listed among the top links. I read the article above, in which you’ve stated, in no uncertain terms, who Helbig is.

    As for Rokke, I found posts of his on the DUStory site and I suppose I assumed (perhaps wrongly?) that he was on friendly terms with Helbig. If he is, then how can you defend Rokke while condemning Helbig? If both support the same position; i.e., that DU poisoning is some paranoid delusion, then how are the two (Rokke and Helbig) inseparable?

    In case you don’t have the URL for the DUStory, here it is:

    If I’m wrong about Rokke, then I apologize. However, it was he who attacked me for the mere mention of Leuren Moret and her investigations into DU.

  18. Greetings! Glad to see someone else is tackling this topic, also. I was led to this article as a result of Lt. Col. Helbig’s associate, Mr. Rokke’s attack on me for merely posting a brief mention of and links to Leuren Moret’s two Conscious Media Network interviews on the subject of her investigations into DU poisoning. It was less than a few hours after posting my piece, linking to the video interviews that I was attacked by Mr. Rokke. He was stupid enough to provide me with his web-based whereabouts, where I was then able to find out about Helbig, as well. When I posted a response to this effect, Helbig then began attacking me, also. Hmmm…seems I’ve struck a nerve. Well, Alex Jones has said that you know you’re hurting the enemy when you start taking their flack.

    You can see my article at

    The two interviews with Moret have also been posted on my own website:

    If you hear from Roger again, ask him how the weather is at the Sacramento Homeland Security Fusion Center. I’m fairly sure that’s where Rokke is blogging from, as his ISP is in Sacramento. I wonder if they’re having lunch with Schwarzenegger? Probably not. They’re just grunts if they’ve been assigned to be disinfo bloggers.

    • I could be running the risk of getting involved in an all out misinformation bout here but to be hones I think you’re full off crap.
      For starters I have spoken to Doug Rokke several times and maintain a cordial E-mail contact with him.

      It was him who pointed out the dangers of Helbig and his Pentagon connections and a specific advise to point out Helbigs behavior to the police.

      I don’t know you but it seems strange to me that you got to my site via Rokke. I’m not even aware that he knows about my site and since I'[m against DU if Rokke was so in league with Helbig I doubt if he would have pointed you in my direction.

      I don’t know you but throwing Rokke, a well publicized anti DU activist and an around nice guy dying of DU in the same box as Helbig makes you mighty suspect in my book buddy.

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