So Slippery John wants to privatise health care.

Yes, I had an appaling experience with the ACC health care. But that was not because the doctors were bad or because the nurses were bad, but because the system is underfunded AND badly managed by the beancounters. the hospitals are old, the doctors knackered and the general public a bunch of whingers who have no idea how lucky they are to have at least some form of public health care.
For those of you who are tempted to vote for John Key’s form of “privatised” healthcare I would suggest you watch how that looks in the good old US of A were being un insured means a three day wait in the emergency war instead of a mere 6 hours.

Private insurence is about profit, not to help you.

Sicko part 1

Sicko part 2

Sicko part 3

Sicko part 4

Sicko part 5

Sicko part 6

Sicko part 7

Sicko part 8

Sicko part 9

Sicko part 10

Sicko part 11

Sicko part 12

Sicko part 13

One thought on “So Slippery John wants to privatise health care.

  1. Gidday eve, I’m saying hullo as I’m in agreement and I see from your masthead that you need to be noticed before you get ridiculed. Lets hope the bastards take notice and set the thing in motion.

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