The WTC 7 collapse series: Uh O, the first little problem with the BBC WTC 7 documentary.

Here I go; really hoping that my mind would be put too rest with this BBC documentary so that I could safely go back to being a sheeple again. It was so well made. I mean I didn’t even feel the need to hide it because it seemed so complete: Clearly a lot of time and money spend on getting it just right. Lots of specialists who clearly put in a lot of time and effort to giving us the answer we needed but than those pesky little things called facts muck it all up again. Damn. LOL.

So let’s get on with the always enjoyable task of ripping yet another well made piece of garbage apart!

Problem number 1: Barry Jennings testimony.

Barry Jennings was the Deputy Director, Emergency Services Department, New York City Housing Authority. Maybe you saw him as one of the eyewitnesses on the day of 911.

In this video he describes a big explosion pushing him back to the eight floor. He then turns to someone and says this is it, we’re not going to get out of here alive. Someone else?
Yes, Barry was not alone. Barry was in the building with Michael Hess, New York’s corporation counsel.

You see this is the first little problem. The (only) re-enactment of the documentary shows Barry running around the building alone while he tells his story in the we form.

While it may be so that both men would be able to corroborate each others story and make Jennings even more credible the Document makers choose to picture Barry as alone. Why?

If the Document makers had done what real journalists are supposed to do, they would have gone after Barry Jennings the way the boys from Loose Change did. Any journalist worth his weight would have poured over every single piece of evidence he could lay his hands on. Again and again. And he would try to talk to every witness and made an archive of his research to be able to piece it all together.

So the LC crew like real journalists poured over all this video material and they found Barry talking about what happened to him. He tells a journalist on the day of 911 that he heard a big explosion: It pushes him back to the eight floor?

A real journalist would have asked; “So was he going down or going up? What building was he in at the time?” Since there was nothing known about WTC 7 for a long time said journalist would have thought that Jennings was either in building 1 or 2 and he would be curious enough to want to find out.

Well, the LC crew were curious and they went after Jennings and after they found him they had an interview with him. Some cuts from this interview were aired on Alex Jones’s station before the release of LC 3 the final cut. They revealed that Jennings had not been in either tower 1 or 2 but had been in fact in WTC 7. He was describing an explosion that took place in WTC 7.

Now this is news!

Because according to the NIST working thesis there had been no explosions in WTC 7 causing the implosion.

And this is problem number 2.

If there were two men who could have testified that there was indeed an huge explosion destroying much of the first 6 floors of WTC 7 would that not have gone a long way to explain the collapse later in the day? After all, with much of the bottom floor gone much of the structural integrity would have disappeared.

Could the debris from the falling towers not have caused some form of explosion when it hit the huge fuel tanks that were in the building for example?

Well no. You see, Barry Jennings and Michael Hess were on record with a story that greatly differed from the official conspiracy theory. A story with showed that the official story could not have been true.

(Do your own timeline research with the help of this awesome tool:

(Watch the Loose Change entire uncut interview with Barry Jennings and compare to the BBC Documentary. After the interview Jennings was scared to loose his job and felt threatened and asked the LC crew not to use the footage in FC 3. They only released this material after it emerged that Barry Jennings had given an interview too the BBC to proof that they had not manipulated the material in any way)

When interviewed Barry Jennings again told the LC crew that the explosion that almost killed him and Hess took place after the planes had hit the North and South tower but before either towers had collapsed.

Huh, so what caused the explosion in the WTC 7 while there is no debris or any other outside influence that could cause an explosion and why is this important?

Well, according to the official 911Commission report omitting this very important testimony, the cities emergency team (with Giuliani and senior fire and police officers) decided to stay in the bunker and continue their operations from the command centre after the South tower was hit by the plane (9:03) but Jennings and Hess state categorically that  when they arrived in the bunker at 9:08 (Update: according to a just released interview with Barry Jennings, Jennings and Hess arrived at the WTC 7 before the second plane hits the South Tower and the bunker is empty already) that the bunker is empty. This is well before the  Twin Tower show any signs of imminent collapse. So why would the emergency team leave their well equipped emergency centre in such a hurry?

NIST places Jennings and Hess as trying to leave the building at 9:56 and that is almost an hour later than Hess and Jennings version and well after the collapse of the South tower.

Barry Jennings was called to the WTC 7 in his function as an Emergency Service functionary and both him and Hess were supposed to meet with the other emergency team members in the fortified bunker on the 23th floor of WTC 7 On the way there he hooked up with another team member Michael Hess.

When they arrived around 9:08 on the 23th floor the place was empty. He describes hot steaming coffees and half eaten sandwiches left behind  as if the place was left in a hurry.

Both Jennings and Hess corroborate each others stories and are on record with their testimony.

When Jennings is contacted by one of the emergency team members to ask him were he is they tell Jennings and Hess to get the hell out of the building. This is about 9:15. (update: Barry Jennings starts to call his colleagues to find out were the hell everybody is and one of them asks were he is. When he tells that person (unnamed) he is told to get the hell out. He enters the bunker before the second plane hits the South Tower. that puts him there before 9:03. It is conceivable that he phoned them earlier.)

Why would they do that? There is no reason to assume there is anything going to happen to the WTC 7. The official story states that WTC 7 does not get damaged until the North tower, the second tower collapses and that is not until 10:28 and the South Tower, the first tower to collapse will not come down until 9:58. besides according to the official story the towers came down unexpectedly as the result of the impact of the planes and fire.

On their way out the lights all of a sudden go out and they hear a huge explosion at the base of the building and Barry Jennings literally has to pull himself up the stairwell again. The return to the eight floor and they remain stuck in the building for several hours until a rescue crew can get to them and save them.

The BBC doc attempts to preserve the official timeline by suggesting the explosion in WTC 7 took place after the collapse of the Towers. See a little problem here?

If the official account were true Hess and Jennings would have found the EOC buzzing with frantic activity.
If Hess and Jennings account is true than the official story is a lie.

Do your own research and draw your own conclusions

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