The WTC 7 Collapse series: Meet Mark Loiseaux

Mark Loizeaux

Mark Loizeaux

Mark Loiseaux runs a company  called Controlled Demolition Inc.

Most of his handiwork has been shown on TV.
He is a specialist in the field of Controlled demolition.

According to CDI website they do a lot more than just Controlled demolition.
They do for example  Forensic examinations on blast sites. They also work for the American Defence department and in fact they work for 5 different Government departments: Department of Defence (DOD), Department of Energy (DOE), Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), Department of Justice (DOJ) and Department of State.

He is what you might call the US department of Demolition and a such very connected to the US Elite so it should come as no surprise that Mark Loiseaux was contacted few days after the attacks of 911 to help with the Crime scene investigation the removal of the WTV 7 steel and debris.

He did his job so well that only a piece of steel about 40×60 cm has survived.

Knowing what we know about Mark Loiseaux’s background and connections it should be pointed out that the choice to ask him to be the BBC controlled demolition expert is, to say the least, somewhat suspect. The very man who prevented a crime scene investigation and who’s company was instrumental in the destruction of the crime scene that what the WTC and the
WTC 7 building in particular, would have a definitive conflict of interest, yet the BBC makes him the sole demolition expert whose say so they use to debunk the WTC 7 controlled demolition evidence.

In the interview Mark Loiseaux claims that;

  1. The preparation/calculation for a controlled demolition takes months
  2. The execution takes months with loads of wiring and tons of explosives.
  3. The process is noisy and impossible to hide and further more
  4. in order to bring about the demolition you have to remove inner walls and toxic materials like asbestos etc.

However this is easily refuted.
While the preparation might takes months it is not necessary to do these preparations on site.

I used to be a model maker and SFX engineer together with my husband who is an electronics engineer specialised in Moving Models and computer controlled mechatronics and we were asked to solve the most amazing problems in the real world and we are aware of the many ways of working out real world solutions with the help of computer  simulations and it took me only 10 minutes last year to find a special software program dedicated to simulating controlled demolitions. In fact the program was advertised as follows:

Blast code

Blast code

Ain’t this fun! LOL.

What this program does for you is the following: Provided you have the building drawings and the list of materials and were and how much of these were used, this program will allow you to build a 3D model of the building you intend to demolish. It will respond to the material parameters you set and it will allow you to set the demolitions as you calculate them and it allows you to blow up the model of the building until you get it just right.

What this program also allows you to do it engineer amazing demolition sequences for SFX scenes in films but nothing it stopping you from replicating the programmed demolition sequence in real life. For example; you fly a 3D Boeing 747 into a tower and you design the collapse so that it seems to originate from the impact of the plane. The only thing you have to do is print out a list of where to place the explosions and where to have the planes hit the buildings.

In other words you have all the time in the world to prepare this spectacular real world  SFX show in secret with a very small crew of perhaps military trained special ops. programmers and you can fail to you heart’s content until you get it just right.

CDI is a state of the art Company and this software may have only become available for the general public after 2001 but I’m sure that the programmers and their Pentagon handlers knew about this long before they start to sell this as a plug in for the 3D Maya software package.

Now if a female 52 year old ex model maker and SFX engineer can come up with this one, what do you think are the odds of someone like Mark Loiseaux having known about it. They are after all America’s leading state of the art Controlled demolition experts and I’m sure that he would not leave his multi billion operation open to litigation in case anything goes wrong if a relatively simple 3D software modelling program designed for this purpose can help him in prevent just that.

In the BBC documentary mark Loiseaux states that the on-site preparation would be impossible to hide due to the noise and the cabling etc. This is of course nonsense.

In 1999 a special kit became available for Controlled demolition companies to enable remote controlled explosive sequences. These kits don’t come falling out of thin air, they are developed with companies like CDI in mind in fact it is very likely that these kits were initially developed with the direct cooperation of Mark Loiseaux. Both companies are members of the same society for Explosive Engineers of which Mark Loiseaux was one of the founding fathers.

So that takes another of his “only in a screenplay” arguments away.

His next argument: In order to bring a building down in a controlled demolition one has to take out most of the interior and the toxic materials such as asbestos etc.

I’m sure that if you want to bring a building down safely you would have to go through a thorough preparation with the safety of the environment in mind but of course this was a whole different kettle of fish. This was about murder and mayhem; an apocalyptic “Diehard” Bruce Willis flick for real.

No safety precautions necessary. Just the right amount of explosives at the right place and “Kaboom”.

So that takes care of that argument. Is it me or is he beginning to sound like a liar to you too?

The last one is the toughest: What kind of explosives where used?

I’m not an explosives expert but when I googled Thermite I got a handful of Video’s showing me exactly how to make it. In fact the materials used are readily available and each is of their own, fairly harmless. I decided not to place a link here because I don’t believe in explosives and have no wish to give people access to them. I don’t think I could live with myself if some young punk would like to try some thing silly with stuff he downloaded of my site.

But it is safe to say that far from Thermite being a secretive military explosive compound it is a well known, easily made, high powered explosive.

In fact I remember that even after the events of 911, I was able to order large quantities of aluminium powder with out any restrictions even though it said on the packing that it was highly explosive.

My conclusion about Mark Loiseaux’s appearance in the BBC documentary is that his appearance is suspect. What he tells us can be easily disproved and this makes his appearance even more troublesome.

A man who owns the company specialised in amongst others, Crime Scene Investigation did not only ignore the basic legal requirement: to keep a crime scene in tact until a full investigation has been finished. but in fact actively assisted in the destruction of said crime scene is hailed as the specialist to put all Conspiracies to bed and he does so by telling provably incorrect facts.

Don’t believe me do your own investigation.

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