As per promised the first photo’s of our hydroxen fuel cell prototype

About a month ago I promised to publish photo’s of our first test model Hydrogen/Oxygen fuel cell. I’m sorry about the delay. But here they are. In the spirit of the Spirit of the free energy movement we want our knowledge to be out there and free for all to use. We feel that this is the only way to free us from the Money Masters who ruled us for way too long. (Click on the thumb nails for bigger images.)

Fuel cell in car

Fuel cell in car

If you decide to do the research and build one for yourself be sure to visit Patrick Kelly’s excellent site for safety precautions. You will be producing a highly explosive Hydrogen and Oxygen mixture and there are certain rules you must follow to keep it safe.

Disassembled Fuel Cell

Disassembled Fuel Cell

This is what my husband who goes by the Monnicker Mudsucks (Don’t ask) has to say about it: Read the safety section in chapter 10. Don’t be an idiot and build a bomb through ignorance.

You will be building the cell on your own responsibility and we will not be held accountable for mishaps. Having said this it is not hard to build a perfectly save cell.

Partially assembled fuel cell

Partially assembled fuel cell

Added to this I would like to remind you that this is not the answer yet to our oilprice woes but it will help in alleviating it. It is a science developed from the grassroots and spread to the internet. There are many people out there who are trying to make a buck of it and some of it is down right dodgy so do your own research.

The Tubes placed inside the cell.

The Tubes placed inside the cell.

If you want to comunicate with Mudsucks you can find him at
It may be sometime before he responds because he has a full time job so have a little patience.

This a very good forum on the subject:

Next I will place some photo’s of the dashboard.

In order to know how much Hydrogen/Oxygen and how fast your cell produces and on how much current you need to place a couple of meters.

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